Hard Shell is a trusted and reliable manufacturer of Ballistic Products with exceptional expertise in dealing with complex challenges. At Hard Shell, we adhere to well-established quality management and product design principles.

We offer a range of body armours depending on their intended application and area of coverage. The Hard Shell full-body Armor protects the neck, shoulder, arms, and groin etc, while our concealable armors are designed for VIPs and executives who need discreet protection. Our Soft armors are made with modern, high-strength and flexible ballistic materials and can be used in conjunction with plate carriers, tactical vests, military vests, multi-purpose vests or special vest worn by law enforcement personal, security personnel, police, swat forces, special operation officers etc. We offer male and female vests as well as bespoke vests in a wide range of colours and designs.

Triumph Range


Trailblazer Range

Gallant Range