Stab Proof Vests / Spike Proof Vests

Stab Proof Vest – A Quick Introduction

Body armors are always helpful in preventing or minimizing the risk of injury when you are engaged in a profession with a security threat. This is why police officers, military staff, security officers, and other such professionals are given body armor. One of them is called a Stab proof vest. These vests protect against attacks made using a knife or other sharp objects.

A stab proof vest, spike proof vest, or stab vest is a type of body armor that is designed to provide protection against stabbing attacks (knives, blades, broken glass) and spikes (needles, ice picks, syringes).

Knife vests are being used for a long and over the decades, they have become better and lighter. Anti stab vests come with different protection levels depending on the purpose of the wearer. Hence, one must carefully check before buying whether it will solve the purpose or not.

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    What is a Stab Proof Vest?

    Stab Vests are made to protect you against a knife attack made to penetrate your body through a stabbing movement. These vests protect the back, chest, and sides. Often confused with bulletproof vests, stab proof vests offer little to no protection against bullets. These vests can be worn over or under other clothing as per the comfort level of the wearer. Stab Vests are often used by police officers, military personnel, security guards, custom officers, cash-in-transit immigration officers. Besides this, any other who is under threat of a knife attack may wear a stabbing vest. However, the guidelines for using stab proof armor vary from country to country. 

    What Is a Stab-Proof Vest Made Out Of?

    Anti stab vest or stab proof vest is not a new concept. People have been using it for ages to protect themselves from knife attacks. Earlier, stab vests were made of steel and other metals along with leather casing. Hence, they were heavier than what we use now.

    In recent times, stab proof jacket is made of high-density Aramid materials. They are specially treated and are lighter in weight. Kevlar is among the commonest used material which offers better protection against knife attacks. When someone stabs on these stab proof armors, the sharp edge of the knife gets caught in the tightly woven fibers of the aramid material while preventing any penetration into the body of the wearer. These anti stab vests may also be effective against spikes and needles.

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    A Stab Vest is made of Kevlar, which is a synthetic fiber possessing very high tensile strength. Some manufacturers also use Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHWMPE) fiber. When stab resistant vests are made, these fibers are tightly woven into a fabric. Now, this fabric provides excellent protection against sharp-edged weapons like knives and prevents penetration into the wearer’s body. When someone attacks with a knife or any other sharp object, the edge of the weapon will get caught in the tightly woven fibers instead of penetrating it.


    Yes, police officers wear stab proof jackets. In New Zealand and the United Kingdom, stab vests are issued at the time of joining. However, depending on the mission they are on, police officers may prefer bullet proof vests. For example, bulletproof vests are commonly worn by police officials in countries like Canada and the United States.


    Well, the legality of wearing a stab proof vest depends on the state/country you are in. For example, in the United States, anyone can wear a knife vest if he/she meets certain criteria: 1.Be the US Citizen 2.Age must be 18 or above 3.Have not been convicted of a crime of violence While on the other hand, there are some cities where it is illegal to use a stab proof armor until the wearer is in a profession that requires it.


    The weight of stab proof vest depends on its size and type. However, the approximate weight of a stab vest would be around 2 kg. The price of these vests also varies depending on the protection level and its type.


    Whether you can buy a stab vest or not depends on which country, state, or area you are in. Before buying one, you need to be educated about your state/country’s laws. Let us have a quick look at who can buy a stab vest: Anyone in Australia can buy a stab vest without any authorization, especially in South Australia, Victoria, Northern Territory, ACT, Queensland, and New South Wales. In Canada as well anyone can buy a stab vest without any authorization except in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia. In these Canadian provinces, you will require a license to own a stab proof vest. Anyone in the United Kingdom can buy a stab resistant vest. In the United States as well, you can purchase and use a stab vest. Here, some of the exceptions are New York State, Kentucky, and Louisiana.

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