Plate Carrier Vest – Slick I


Engineered by our Research and Development Team Hard Shell has developed a Tactical Plate Carrier with unprecedented comfort. This Plate Carrier features Front and Back Plate Pouches for Hard Armour Panels of 10″x12″ size. It is supposed to be worn over the dress or uniform. It is comfortable to wear and can be carried out easily.Nij Tested products Available with bespoke solutions for bulk orders along with 5 year warranty banner.

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Tactical Plate Carrier Vest

When you need added mobility but still require protection, the Slick plate carrier vest allows the user to wear their standalone Hard armour plate while wearing a comfortable light solution. The Slick plate carrier is designed to hold our standard 10” x 12” stand-alone hard armour panels. With comfortable padding, breathable mesh and adjustable side and shoulders Slick vest allow for maximum mobility while maintaining user protection.

Features Of Plate Carrier Vest

  • Complete MOLLE / PALS Load attachments
  • Comfort Padding Front / Back and Shoulders
  • Adjustable Shoulders for improved comfort
  • Adjustable Sides for improved comfort
  • Allowance for 10” by 12” Hard armour Panels
  • Available in Cordura or Rip-Stop Nylon in a range of colors
  • Externally and Internally adjustable Waistbands to secure the vest to the wearer
  • Sturdy drag strap on Rear of Vest.
  • Air Mesh for improved airflow around the body of the wearer

Protection Level


  • Washable outer cover
  • Transfer soft armour protection from one carrier to another
  • Carrier Bags

Optional Accessories

  • BP Vest bag/Carrier
  • Pouches for Magazines
  • Gun Holsters
  • Radio Pouches
  • Medical Kit pouch
  • Hard armour Panel


Only Outer Cover 1 kg
Tolerance: 5%


  • 10 years performance warranty on Hard armour Panels
  • 1 year performance warranty on Outer Carrier
    (Subject to usage conditions)

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the purpose of Slick I plate carrier vest?

    In high-threat situations, Slick I plate carrier vest offers personnel with ballistic protection by absorbing and dissipating the energy of a ballistic impact.

    Is Slick I plate carrier vest comfortable?

    The vest's sides and shoulders can be adjusted to create a custom, comfortable fit that allows users to move freely while still maintaining protection, improving wearability.

    Can I customize my load attachments with Slick I plate carrier vest?

    Yes, the vest features full MOLLE/PALS load attachments, enabling users to tailor their equipment configuration to mission needs and providing flexibility and adaptability in a range of circumstances.

    Is Slick I plate carrier vest suitable for different body sizes?

    Yes, the waistbands' internal and external adjustments accommodate a variety of body shapes and sizes while guaranteeing a comfortable fit.

    Can I upgrade the protection level of Slick I plate carrier vest?

    The vest may easily be upgraded to Level III, III+, or IV by incorporating suitable Hard Armor Panels (HAP) into specific pockets to offer individualized protection.

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