Steller Vest ( Bullet-Resistant Vest for Kids )

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Hard Shell’s Kid Vest is the perfect option for kids as it provides maximum protection with the look of Vest and additional backpack, making it comfortable for the kids to carry it for day to day needs. They can also wear this to their schools and other activity classes making them safe. Get this for your little one today. Ruck up!Nij Tested products Available with bespoke solutions for bulk orders along with 5 year warranty banner.

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Kids Ballistic Backpack Body Armor

Our Steller vest is specifically designed for kids which is a combination of Ballistic vest and book bag. It provides front, back and sides ballistic protection. With these features, we can offer the most comfortable, high-performance ballistic bag pack cum vest in the market for kids.


  • Custom cut NIJ 0101.06 Level IIIA Ballistic Soft Armour.
  • Unique combination with a two in one feature of a bullet-resistant vest with the functionality of a backpack for school.
  • Waistcoat style with front zip opening or layer both together.
  • The vest is designed using lightweight comfortable wearing material suitable for kids.
  • Comfort padding on Front and Back.
  • 3D Mesh for improved airflow around the body of the wearer.
  • Available in quilted polyester fiberfill in a range of colours.

Protection Level

  • SAP protects against 9mm Bullets as per NIJ Level IIIA


  • Washable outer cover
  • Transfer soft armour protection from one carrier to another


  • 5 year performance warranty on SAP
  • 1 year performance warranty on Outer Carrier (Subject to usage conditions)

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is steller vest suitable for kids?

    Yes, steller vest is designed specifically for children, offering the highest level of safety. Its lightweight, kid-friendly design seamlessly combines safety and comfort.

    Can my child wear steller vest to school?

    Yes, steller vest is also made for usage in schools. Its creative design includes a backpack, which makes it the perfect everyday companion for your young one.

    What protection does stellar vest offer?

    Stellar vest provides NIJ Level IIIA ballistic protection, making it suitable for usage in a variety of operational settings.

    How does steller vest combine a vest with a backpack?

    Steller vest smartly blends the features of a backpack and a ballistic vest to provide a practical two-in-one solution for your child's everyday demands.

    Is steller vest comfortable for kids?

    With its lightweight construction and padded front and back panels, the vest puts comfort first, making sure it fits comfortably.

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