Tactical Assault Vest Combat Gear

Tactical Assault Vest Combat Gears Manufacturer in UAE


Hard Shell offers a wide assortment of military gear for Special security Forces, military groups, and law enforcement officers used for security, military, and warfare missions.

Our range of tactical vests and combat gear is the perfect choice for equipping yourself for military and tactical operations. We offer superior tactical vests and gear for military, police, and other law enforcement personnel. Hard Shell is a one-stop destination for body armours, tactical vests, and bulletproof inserts that are easy to wear.

We focus on providing protection while offering functionality, convenience, and prerequisite space and accessories for carrying critical equipment. Our diverse selections for combat gear ranges from military hats, tactical vests, tactical uniforms, heavy-duty tactical bags and many more. At Hard Shell, we offer you a full range of advanced tactical gear that is tailored to your unique requirements. The lightweight construction of the Hard Shell products enables us in meeting our obligation to the wearer by reducing operational fatigue all while providing necessary protection in high-risk scenarios.

 We offer a variety of sturdy bags and packs designed for both professional and personal use which can be customized as per your requirements. Our products are manufactured from rugged materials and are designed to enhance task efficiency by improving resilience and lethality without jeopardising mobility. As a personal protective equipment manufacturer, Hard Shell offers a wide range of options to outfit which are rigorously tested and manufactured keeping in mind our commitment to the safety of our users.