Patron Vest ( Swat Body Armor )


Hard Shell Patron Vest reduces the risk of Injury during wars. It is also termed as SWAT Jacket or SWAT Vest. It is engineered to provide maximum protection around shoulder, groin, collar, biceps and sides by using the high performance ballistic raw material. Although it provides protection around various parts it’s exceptionally lightweight and highly durable in construction while offering optimum versatility and ergonomic fit. This Vest has Pockets in Front and Back of Vest in which Hard Armour Panel can be used enhancing the protection of Vest as per requirement.Nij Tested products Available with bespoke solutions for bulk orders along with 5 year warranty banner.

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Swat Vest & Jackets

Our Patron Vest is designed for police and high-risk SWAT teams. With the additional removable collar, groin protector and shoulder and upper arm protectors it allows the wearer to adjust the protection to suit any mission.


  • BALCS Style NIJ 0101.06 Level IIIA Ballistic Soft Armour.
  • Additional removable Ballistic protection around the shoulders and biceps, throat and groin areas.  Ideal for Internal Security use or high threat areas
  • MOLLE / PALS Load attachments
  • Comfort Padding  on Front and Back
  • Adjustable Shoulders for improved comfort
  • 3D Mesh for improved airflow around the body of the wearer
  • External and Internal waistbands (adjustable) to secure the vest to the wearer
  • Allowance for 10” x 12” Hard Armour Panels
  • Available in PU coated hardwearing Nylon fabric, Cordura and Cotton fabric in a range of colors.

Protection Level

  • SAP protects against 9mm Bullets as per NIJ Level IIIA.
  • It can be upgraded to NIJ LEVEL III, III+, IV, depending upon the HAP used.


  • Washable outer cover
  • Transfer soft armour protection from one carrier to another

Optional Accessories

  • BP Vest bag/Carrier


  • 5 year performance warranty on SAP
  • 1 year performance warranty on Outer Carrier (Subject to usage conditions)

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Patron Vest used for?

    Patron Vest is meticulously designed to reduce the likelihood of injuries in high-threat areas and conflict zones. It offers broad protection for key body parts, such as front, back, collar, biceps, shoulders, groin, and sides. The vest is comfortable and long-lasting because it is lightweight in spite of its extensive coverage.

    What areas does Patron Vest protect?

    Complete coverage is provided by Patron Vest, which protects the front, back, sides, collar, biceps, groin, and shoulders. To further improve overall safety, it provides detachable ballistic protection for vital regions such the groin, throat, biceps, and shoulders.

    What ballistic protection does Patron Vest offer?

    Advanced NIJ Level IIIA ballistic protection with Soft Armor Panel (SAP) is provided by the vest, with the option to upgrade to higher levels (Level III, III+, or IV) depending on the Hard Armour Panels (HAP) selected.

    Is Patron Vest comfortable for extended use?

    Yes, the front and back padding of the Patron Vest are arranged in a way to offer maximum comfort over an extended period of usage, making it ideal for missions or circumstances requiring prolonged use.

    What load-carrying options does Patron Vest provide?

    The vest may be customized in many ways to carry extra gear thanks to its MOLLE/PALS load attachments. Users can customize their loadout based on mission needs and be prepared for a range of situations.

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