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Protection for every Aircraft type

In today’s ever-evolving aviation landscape, it is indisputable to prioritize the safety and survivability of aircraft and their personnel. Being a leading force, we are experts at creating advanced armor systems for aircraft that raise the bar for safety. Here at Hard Shell, we go above and beyond industry standards, to provide unmatched expertise and innovation in securing your flight

Lightweight Ballistic Solutions

Hard Shell specializes in creating innovative lightweight ballistic solutions by combining composite and ceramic materials in a smart way. Our unrelenting dedication to quality guarantees that our armor solutions fit into aircraft structures flawlessly, without compromising functionality. This innovative approach preserves the aircraft’s agility, maneuverability, and general operating efficiency while also improving crew safety.

Customized Dimensions for Tailored Protection

We take pride in providing bespoke solutions that are matched to specific dimensions, acknowledging the different needs of our clientele. Hard Shell guarantees a precise fit that conforms to the specific needs of each aircraft, whether it is for side armor, floor shielding, pilot seat protection, or cargo floor protection. Our designs are modular and easily adjust to various configurations, offering the best protection possible without compromising the flexibility required in aviation situations that are always evolving.

Modern modular floors and anti-spall liners are manufactured and installed by Hard Shell, providing a complete defense against flying debris and ballistic threats in crucial regions of different aircraft models.

comprehensive protection

Comprehensive Protection for Every Aircraft Type

Pilot Seat Protection:

Protecting the pilot, who is the most important component of any aircraft, is part of Hard Shell’s dedication to safety. Our pilot seat protection options provide an extra line of defense for individuals leading aerial missions and are meticulously made to withstand ballistic attacks. Beyond merely providing physical safety, this demonstrates our commitment to safeguarding the welfare of pilots.

Side Protection:

Recognising the value of all-encompassing defense, our side protection systems fortify vulnerable areas and increase the aircraft’s overall resistance to threats.

Floor Protection:

Our modular floor protection goes beyond traditional methods to safeguard aircraft floors from a variety of possible threats. In order to provide a safe atmosphere for the whole crew, Hard Shell’s solutions proactively reduce the risk of spalling in addition to providing protection against ballistic threats. This thorough approach demonstrates our dedication to resolving any potential weaknesses in the pursuit of improved aviation safety.

Cabin and Cargo Floor:

An additional degree of protection is necessary when transporting individuals or valuable cargo. Our customized cabin and cargo floor protection solutions ensure the security of individuals and assets, adding to an environment where safety is critical and uncompromising. It’s not just about protection; it’s about instilling confidence in every mission.

VIP Modules:

Our VIP modules offer unmatched security for specialized missions requiring enhanced security measures. Hard Shell offers advanced armor systems that are specifically designed to fulfill the needs of high-profile missions, elevating the bar for safety in VIP transport.

Aircraft armor Safety

Tailored Solutions for Helicopter Cockpits

Our dedication to aviation safety seamlessly carries over to helicopters, where the protection of the cockpit is critical. Hard Shell provides helicopter crews with robust defense mechanisms available with a range of incredibly lightweight and durable protection solutions. It demonstrates our adaptability and dedication to tailoring our solutions to the particular difficulties presented by various aircraft types.

Why Choose Hard Shell: Going Above and Beyond

Redefining the standards for ballistic protection, Hard Shell is at the forefront of aircraft armor innovation, where safety is of the utmost importance. We are the reliable option for guaranteeing the safety and survival of aircraft and their crews because of our dedication to lightweight design, tailored solutions, and thorough protection in numerous crucial areas. Choose Hard Shell for state-of-the-art armor systems that surpass industry requirements and improve the security of your aircraft to unprecedented levels.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is aircraft armor, and why is it necessary?

    Aircraft armor is like a protective shield for airplanes and helicopters. It is significant because it protects the crew by obstructing the path of projectiles or bullet fragments. It is a robust defense system that keeps the aircraft and its crew safe from threats.

    How does aircraft armor work?

    Strong materials like ceramics and composites are used in aircraft armor to form a protective layer. This layer is positioned in crucial sections of the aircraft, like the flooring and the region surrounding the pilot. The armor protects the crew and the aircraft from gunfire and debris during an attack.

    Can aircraft armor be customized for different aircraft types?

    Yes, aircraft armor can be customized for different types of aircraft. It resembles custom-fit protection. Armor systems are designed by manufacturers to fit precise measurements for different models of aircraft. This guarantees that every aircraft receives the appropriate protection based on its specific size and needs.

    How effective is aircraft armor against ballistic threats?

    Aircraft armor is very effective against ballistic threats. It acts like a strong shield, stopping bullets or fragments from causing harm to the aircraft and its crew. The use of advanced materials enhances its effectiveness, providing reliable protection and ensuring the safety of everyone on board during missions or flights.

    Does aircraft armor add significant weight to the aircraft?

    No, aircraft armor is designed to be lightweight. To build robust yet lightweight protection, advanced materials are used, such as ceramics and composite materials. This guarantees that the aircraft's armor doesn't significantly increase its weight, preserving its performance and offering crucial protection against ballistic threats.