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Vehicle Armour – Armored Excellence In Motion

Hard Shell employs the latest technology and design in armoring the vehicles in order to provide the highest level of protection in support of the light armored vehicle. We constantly strive to create the most compatible design for our armored vehicles. Our armored vehicles incorporate the latest armor composite technologies available. We take into account floor protection, suspension and brakes, as well as climate control, run-flat tyres, communications and the survivability of necessary components, such as the fuel tank, battery, and radiator.

Bodyguards standing near black armored car

Use of Ballistic Steel and Composite Panels: Unparalleled protection With Advanced Material

Using cutting-edge ballistic steel and composite panels is the foundation of Hard Shell’s vehicle armor. These high-strength materials provide protection against projectiles as they are designed to withstand a variety of ballistic threats. Through the use of state-of-the-art metallurgy, Hard Shell improves the vehicle’s resistance to damage without compromising its maneuverability, making it a formidable force in difficult situations.

Ballistic Shield and Composite Panels

Floor Protection: Safeguarding From Beneath – A Comprehensive Defense

Hard Shell protects both the external and the interior of vehicles, going beyond traditional armor. In order to protect occupants from any explosive devices underneath the car, our vehicles have reinforced floors. This all-encompassing strategy guarantees passengers’ 360-degree safety, ensuring a safe and worry-free journey.

Flexible multi-layered ballistic Kevlar is sealed to the floor and roof body of the vehicle, which is designed to absorb bomb and ballistic fragmentation.

Protected passenger cell

Run Flat Tyre System: Seamless Mobility Even With Punctured Tyres

Tyres that are flattened might be dangerous in emergency scenarios. In order to solve this issue, Hard Shell offers a Run Flat Tyre System that enables the car to drive even with flat tyres. This smart technology ensures that the vehicle can traverse over difficult terrains without compromising safety and improves mobility during emergencies.

All 5 wheels (4 driven and 1 spare) are supplied with a FINABEL approved run-flat insert band providing the ability to travel a total distance of 50Km.

Run flat tyre system

Protected Passenger Cell: Ensuring A Secure Haven Within The Vehicle

Our Protected Passenger Cell concept forms the foundation of our vehicle armor. Protecting its occupants from outside threats is the goal of this smartly designed container. Hard Shell puts the safety and wellbeing of people within the vehicle first by carefully designing and testing the interior to create a secure environment.

The passenger cabin is protected according to protection level specified including all sidewalls, doors, pillars, roof, floor, firewall, and rear bulkhead.

The passenger cell is protected using ballistic steel and is applied to the following areas:
  • RH and LH sidewalls
  • Side Doors
  • A, B, C and D pillars
  • Roof
  • Front bulkhead (Engine firewall)
  • Rear bulkhead
Bullet resistant glass adequate to defeat the specified threat level (with anti-spall liner), is applied to the following glazed areas.
  • Windscreen
  • Front doors
  • Rear
  • Passenger doors
  • Quarter Panels
  • Rear Bulkhead

Fuel System Protection: Securing The Heart Of The Vehicle For Uninterrupted Operation

It becomes essential to safeguard the vehicle’s fuel system in volatile situations. Hard Shell incorporates advanced technologies to safeguard the fuel system from possible threats. Ballistic steel is used to shield fuel tanks from all sides. This extra safety measure gives drivers peace of mind in the face of uncertainty by guaranteeing that the vehicle will continue to function even under difficult circumstances.

Passenger cell protection

Why Choose Hard Shell: Ultimate Protection For Vehicle Armor

All Hard Shell protected vehicles are manufactured in strict compliance to our Quality Standard and follow strict process controls to ensure high product quality. Hard Shell armored vehicle resembles a normal civilian vehicle. It is low profile – meaning that the vehicle is nearly visually identical to a standard vehicle. Therefore unwanted attention while traveling is avoided.

Every aspect of our vehicle armor technology demonstrates Hard Shell’s dedication to safety. Our armored vehicles redefine security on the move with their creative use of advanced materials and their precise design and engineering. Choose Hard Shell for unparalleled protection, where cutting-edge technology meets a steadfast commitment to passenger safety.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is vehicle armor?

    To improve safety, vehicles might have armor added as an additional layer of protection. It is made to withstand several kinds of threats, such as impacts, explosions, and gunshots. Vehicle armor offers a shield, protecting occupants in unpredictable circumstances and making travel secure. It is typically composed of robust materials like ballistic steel, Kevlar, etc.

    How to armor a vehicle?

    Reinforcing a vehicle with armor increases safety. To withstand bombs and bullets, ballistic steel and composite panels are added. For maximum protection, the procedure also includes enhanced suspension, reinforced flooring, and unique design elements.

    Who uses armored vehicles?

    Many organizations utilize armored vehicles to boost security. They are used for special operations by law enforcement and for battle protection by military personnel. VIPs such as dignitaries and public officials also travel in armored vehicles. They might also be used by some companies to safely carry valuable cargo.

    Are armored vehicles bulletproof?

    While armored cars are made to withstand gunfire, they are not completely bulletproof. To offer a robust defense against gunfire, they employ materials like ballistic steel. Safety is the top priority for armored vehicles, which provide strong protection against ballistic threats.

    What types of vehicles can be armored?

    To enhance safety, a variety of vehicles can be armored. Typical options include SUVs, sedans, trucks, and even motorbikes. Due to the versatility of armoring technology, a variety of vehicle types can be strengthened to meet a wide range of security requirements

    How does vehicle armor provide protection?

    The vehicle's armor absorbs and distributes impact energy of attacks to keep occupants safe. Ballistic armor is designed to stop or slow down bullets and other projectiles, whereas blast-resistant armor lessens the effects of explosions. Armored glass is utilised to provide a transparent defence against ballistic threats while preserving visibility.

    Will vehicle armor affect the performance and handling of the vehicle?

    Handling and performance can be impacted by adding armor to a vehicle. The extra weight could reduce acceleration and fuel economy. Modern engineering, however, reduces these impacts. In order to preserve good handling and strike a balance between protection and overall performance for a safe and effective driving experience, armored vehicles are equipped with suspension and brake reinforcements.

    Can an armored vehicle be serviced and maintained?

    Yes, armored vehicle can be serviced and maintained. Regular maintenance and repairs can be handled by qualified personnel with experience working on armored vehicles. Regular servicing keeps the vehicle in top shape and provides safety and reliability for a longer period of time, even though some parts might need specialist care.