The Hard Shell Quick release armour carrier is a fully modular armour carriage system. This vest is designed to allow soft and hard armour to overlap at the waist. A separate sleeve allows the user to insert side plates.Nij Tested products Available with bespoke solutions for bulk orders along with 5 year warranty banner.

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  • The Plate Carrier Vest is size adjustable for both width and height.
  • Bar tack stitch on all stress area; such as the flap opening for HAP pockets and the flap
  • Comfortable to the wearer during operations # Vest has Quick Release System
  • Heavy duty Molle webbing made using Nylon
  • Mesh material has been used as the backing face to allow water and sweat to drain away from the inside of the rig efficiently.
  • All the clothing flaps of the jackets have high quality Velcro fasteners
  • The cummerbund has been strengthened with the addition of a fold-over Velcro sandwich on either side that transfers weight on a vertical axis as opposed to the older standard Velcro wrap that peels off under weight.
  • The front release handle is centrally located for operation with both hands pushed down the center line towards the belt.
  • When not in use it remains stuck flat in place via Velcro out of the way. All four coated steel cables are enclosed for protection.
  • The safety flap for the release handle secures the handle flush against cover, remaining snag free and protected.
  • Drag handle has been incorporated into the rear panel for a large carriage / casualty evacuation # Allowance for Soft Armour Panel in Front, Back, Side and Shoulders
  • Allowance for 10” by 12” Hard Armour Panels
  • Air Mesh for improved airflow around the body of the wearer


Level IIIA -9mm



  • Black
  • Coyote tan
  • OD Green
  • Multi Green
  • (can be customized as per customer’s requirement)



Formerly known as the HS Sling, the Cut Away Short attached to either the Hard Shell Plate Carrier This Sling attaches through the release system in your Hard Shell Plate Carrier. So when the cable is pulled, the weapon will also come free if you need to dump gear in an emergency.
















Designed to hold three 30 round M4 magazines. The elastic band collapes the pouch when fever than three magazines are being held internally to minimiae the profile of the pouch when not fully loaded. Drainage eyelet in the bottom for waterborne operations. Single molle row on front for pouch attachment. Requires two MOLLE columns for attachment.

Magazine pouches














1 year performance warranty on outer carrier (Subject to usage conditions)

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I insert side plates for additional protection in Quick Release Armour Carrier?

    Yes, the carrier has a specific sleeve for side plates to add an additional layer of protection and increase overall security and safety under challenging circumstances.

    What is the Quick Release mechanism of the carrier?

    One of the main advantages of the carrier is its rapid release function, making it easy to take off. This function is essential for reacting to changing circumstances and guaranteeing that operators can easily and quickly adjust to evolving mission requirements.

    Can I customize my load attachments with Quick Release Armour Carrier?

    Yes, the carrier features full MOLLE load attachments, enabling users to tailor their equipment configuration to mission needs and providing flexibility and adaptability in a range of circumstances.

    Is Quick Release Armour Carrier comfortable?

    The carrier can be adjusted to create a custom, comfortable fit that allows users to move freely while still maintaining protection, improving wearability.

    Is Quick Release Armour Carrier suitable for different body sizes?

    Yes, the carrier's internal and external adjustments accommodate a variety of body shapes and sizes while guaranteeing a comfortable fit.

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    One Size For All


    Multi Green, OD Green, Black, Olive Green


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