Who We Are

Hard Shell is one of the leading manufacturers of ballistic, personal protective and tactical products and gears in the world with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Europe, Middle East and Asia with its designed and development based in United Kingdom. Hard Shell offers the latest generation of personal protective equipment including bullet proof vest  – both overt and covert style, ballistic helmets, hard armour inserts, bomb disposal suit, bomb suppression blankets etc to meet the varying operational requirements. All the products designed and manufactured under stringent accredited quality control system.

Owing to our continuous close cooperation with our raw material suppliers and feedback from our end user i.e. government authorities, Military, Defense and Police we are in the position to present state of the art and field proven equipment with our latest technology. Our special benefit is the ability to offer customized solutions, according to individuals clients requirement. We are constantly researching and developing its products to ensure the highest of standards are met with ever – changing demands. This has resulted in our excellent range of products being more flexible, lightweight and comfortable. Our comprehensive range of products are developed specially to cater for the ever changing military and civil defense conditions of today.

Hard Shell became one of the world’s most vertically integrated company by having its own ability to weave Ballistic Fabric in-house manufacturing capability to produce hard armour composite panels which is lighter and stronger then steel and technical expertise in designing and tailoring clothing for different military applications. We manufactured advanced ceramic body armour components for a number of years and works closely with the end-user, understanding the importance of protection with comfort, to develop next-generation bullet proof vest  to protect the soldiers of today and tomorrow.

Hard Shell was setup with a vision of becoming a leading defence solutions company. In a matter of years it has pioneered the field of manufacturing protection and armour solutions and has been committed to saving lives around the world using the latest technology with the single minded focus of enabling armed forces worldwide to achieve their objectives safely and efficiently through sustainable and high performance products.

Hard Shell offers a complete solution for personal protection products which include, Personal Body armour (Vests and Helmets), Hard armour Plates, Bomb Blanket, De-Mining Suits and armoured Vehicles, becoming a complete solutions provider for armed and police forces around the world.

Hard Shell UK’s skill of understanding the end-user requirement, the battlefield and special operations environments along with technological capabilities and global reach help it to harness newer technologies to produce and identify advanced equipment and gear for defence and security forces.

Hard Shell’s research and development team include experienced ex-defense personnel with professional engineers which engage in design, development and testing of personal protection equipment in laboratories, making sure the solution developed reacts accordingly on the battlefield.

We strive to provide our customers with the highest level of service possible, as well as offering help with every aspect of using body armour. Ensuring every customer gets complete support throughout the order process, while maintaining the highest level of quality inspection from yarn to the finished product. Our highly professional team are available to provide answers to any questions on body armour that you may have and to provide impartial advice on your choice of body armour. We also provide in depth guides with details on all aspects of body armour, from choosing the most suitable protection levels to selecting the correct sizes