Ballistic Protection Products

Ballistic Protection Products

Hard Shell manufactures a wide range of ballistic protection products that provides our customers with the most comprehensive protection possible. Our products are used in a variety of threat scenarios, such as mine clearance and bomb disposal operations, where the threat is mainly from blasts, as well as combat situations, where the threat is majorly projectiles.

Landmine detection and removal is a dangerous operation, and personal protective equipment such as helmets, Ballistic panels  Ballistic Visors, De-Mining Vests, Demining Aprons, or Demining Suits are required to safeguard them if a mine is accidentally set off. This recommended equipment can facilitate significant protection to the chest, abdomen, groin, and eyes from the explosion.

Hard Shell has designed a wide range of protective equipment to shield against the blast impact of improvised explosive devices and munitions in effort to reduce human injuries involved with bomb disposal. For this reason, we have Bomb disposal suits, ballistic fragmentation bomb blankets, ballistic panels, and other items in our range.

At Hard Shell, we value and safeguard all lives involved in law enforcement and related agencies, and our K9 Ballistic Vest for dogs is a prime example. During tactical and military operations, our bullet-proof shieldsand ballistic goggles provide protection against fast-moving projectiles.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]



Ballistic protection is all about protecting the body and eyes against projectiles of different sizes shapes and impact velocities . The protection is ideally required for soldiers policemen and general security. In addition, ballistic body armour is available in various tactical options.