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Assuring the safety of individuals and assets is crucial in a world where security concerns are paramount. Hard Shell, a leading innovator in the field of ballistic protection, has been at the forefront of creating state-of-the-art solutions to protect individuals and assets.

Ballistic Protection Solutions by Hard Shell

Our wide-ranging product offering includes a variety of equipment developed to lessen the threats posed by explosive and ballistic hazards. Discover the shield you need for uncompromising protection by exploring our smart ballistic solutions below.

Customization Options: Tailored Protection for Unique Needs

At Hard Shell, we understand that one size does not fit all. Our ballistic protection solutions can be tailored to meet your specific needs using our customization options. In order to design and create products that properly fulfill our clients’ requirements, our team of professionals collaborates closely with them.

Why Choose Hard Shell: Unmatched Ballistic Excellence

In terms of ballistic protection, Hard Shell goes above and beyond. Our products are expertly made, thoroughly tested, and intended to withstand the rigors of the toughest situations. Our ballistic protection systems are your defense against the unseen, whether you’re a military personnel, law enforcement officer, demining specialist, or just a security-conscious individual.

Hard Shell stands as a beacon of security in a world full of uncertainty. Our ballistic protection solutions are designed to defend individuals and assets. When you choose Hard Shell, you make a steadfast commitment to innovation and safety. Count on us to be your unwavering shield against the constantly changing threats in today’s world.

Hard Shell manufactures a wide range of ballistic protection products that provides our customers with the most comprehensive protection possible. Our products are used in a variety of threat scenarios, such as mine clearance and bomb disposal operations, where the threat is mainly from blasts, as well as combat situations, where the threat is majorly projectiles. Landmine detection and removal is a dangerous operation, and personal protective equipment such as helmets, Ballistic panels  Ballistic Visors, De-Mining Vests, Demining Aprons, or Demining Suits are required to safeguard them if a mine is accidentally set off. This recommended equipment can facilitate significant protection to the chest, abdomen, groin, and eyes from the explosion.

Hard Shell has designed a wide range of protective equipment to shield against the blast impact of improvised explosive devices and munitions in effort to reduce human injuries involved with bomb disposal. For this reason, we have Bomb disposal suits, ballistic fragmentation bomb blankets, ballistic panels, and other items in our range.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is ballistic protection?

    Ballistic protection is the shielding of individuals or objects from the effects of projectiles like fragments or bullets. The potential damage caused by ballistic threats is decreased by using specialized materials and structures created to absorb, disperse, or deflect kinetic energy.

    How is ballistic protection measured?

    NIJ (National Institute of Justice) protection levels are used to quantify ballistic protection. These ratings classify armor according to how well it can fend off ballistic threats. A clear and uniform technique for evaluating and contrasting the efficacy of ballistic protection in diverse scenarios is provided by NIJ standards, which provide criteria for evaluating armor's resistance to projectiles.

    What are the categories of ballistic protection?

    Based on threat resistance, ballistic protection is divided into different protection levels by NIJ ( National Institute of Justice). Levels IIA, II, IIIA, III, and IV are included in these categories, with each level offering progressively better defense against various threats and types of weaponry.

    What is level III ballistic protection?

    Armor made to withstand rifle threats, generally up to some 7.62mm calibers, is referred to as Level III ballistic protection. It is worn by military and law enforcement personnel who face greater ballistic hazards because it provides a better level of protection than lower-level armor.

    What is level IV ballistic protection?

    Level IV ballistic protection denotes a high level of resistance against armor-piercing ammunition. It is made to resist several strikes from such projectiles without being penetrated. Level IV armor, which is typically made of advanced ceramics or composite materials, provides the best defense for military and law enforcement personnel facing powerful ballistic threats.

    What materials are used for ballistic protection?

    The materials used for ballistic protection vary. Aramid fibers like Kevlar, high-density polyethylene, ceramics, and composite laminates are popular options. These materials are chosen because of their capacity to absorb and disperse kinetic energy, which lessens the impact of projectiles and offers reliable defense against ballistic threats in a variety of applications.

    What is the highest level of ballistic protection?

    Level IV protection is the highest level of ballistic protection and provides the strongest resistance to armor-piercing ammunition and high-velocity projectiles. It is essential in military and law enforcement situations where the most formidable ballistic threats must be mitigated to ensure the safety of personnel

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