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Hard Shell is one of the leading manufacturers of ballistic, personal protective and tactical products and gears in the world with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Europe, Middle East and Asia with its designed and development based in United Kingdom. Hard Shell offers the latest generation of personal protective equipment including body armor – both overt and covert style, ballistic helmets, Hard Body Armor inserts, bomb disposal suit, bomb suppression blankets etc to meet the varying operational requirements. All the products designed and manufactured under stringent accredited quality control system.


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Ballistic Body Armor and Bulletproof Vest Manufacturer UAE

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Ballistic Body Armor and Bulletproof Vest Manufacturer UAE

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Ballistic Body Armor and Bulletproof Vest Manufacturer UAE

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Ballistic Body Armor and Bulletproof Vest Manufacturer UAE

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Ballistic Body Armor and Bulletproof Vest Manufacturer UAE

Hard Shell

Our mission is to improve the survivability of Military Troops and Law Enforcement Officers by designing and manufacturing Ultimate Ballistic Protection Products that perform beyond stated requirements.

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Protection level and proper sizing is the biggest factor while choosing right body armor for safety and security.

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Tactical Bulletproof Vests

Military tactical Bulletproof vests are widely used by soldiers, law enforcement and security personnels. A tactical vest is a heavy duty vest which can be worn over regular clothing. It provides both protection to the vital organs of the body besides giving a way to carry gear when on assignment. The vest is equipped with many pockets that can hold…

Importance of Ballistic Helmets for protection

Brain is one of the most important organs; it is one of the most sensitive to blunt trauma and one of the most body parts likely to be exposed behind the cover! Helmets are much-needed ballistic protection for every soldier as it protects the most important part of the body in a bad to worst-case situation. Ballistic helmets is an…

Bulletproof Vest Promises Adequate Protection

Bullet Proof VestPromises Adequate Protection because it is tested rigorously under strict quality control guidelines. The modern protection concepts entail use of revolutionary components that are light, as well as proven in durability. Ballistic resistant clothing has become an important part of the protective equipment today. It is being used by a wide array of people, like individual citizens, VIPS,…

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