K9 Ballistic Vest


Hard Shell K9 ballistic (protective) vest offers protection to the dogs of law enforcement and related agencies.  This vest is manufactured with bullet-resistant material the same as used to make the human body armor with no compromise on the safety of our canines. It is configured to the contour and shape of the dog with adjustable chest straps. Our K9 vest is a streamlined package allowing the K9 to move freely with minimal snag points. This vest is a military-grade ballistic vest featuring maximum protection in the lightest weight.Nij Tested products Available with bespoke solutions for bulk orders along with 5 year warranty banner.

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Bullet-Resistant K9 Safety Vest

This design puts mission and K9 first. Less bulky thus reduces stress, while increasing “optimal working time” and is handler feature-rich. “Your K9 Partner Always Has Your 6”.


  • Provides an Optimum Coverage Platform OCP
  • Reduces K9 Fatigue and Heat Stress
  • Optimizes Range of Motion
  • Promotes Longer Peak Performance Time
  • Protects “Vitals”
  • Limited Molle/PALS Attachment Points
  • Heavy-Duty D-Ring Lead Attachment
  • Robust Hand Control Grips
  • Lightweight 500 Denier nylon construction


  • Black
  • Olive Green

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a K9 ballistic vest?

    A K9 ballistic vest is a specialized body armor made for police or military dogs. It provides ballistic protection by absorbing and dispersing impact energy. It guarantees the efficacy and safety of working police and military canines.

    Do K9 dogs wear ballistic vests?

    Yes, during law enforcement or military missions, K9 dogs often wear ballistic vests. These vests protect working K9 dogs in a variety of operational circumstances.

    Can K9 ballistic vests stop a bullet?

    K9 ballistic vests are designed to reduce the risks from bullets. The kinetic energy of a bullet is absorbed and dispersed by these vests, limiting penetration and minimizing harm to the dog. They are essential for the safety of working police and military dogs.

    What materials are K9 ballistic vests made of?

    K9 ballistic vests are generally made from advanced materials like Kevlar, Dyneema, or other similar high-strength synthetic fibers. While being lightweight and flexible, these materials provide exceptional resistance against bullets and sharp objects.

    Is a K9 ballistic vest heavy?

    K9 ballistic vests are designed to strike a balance between mobility and protection. They are made to be lightweight even though they have significant ballistic resistance. Dogs can carry out their tasks efficiently and comfortably without any restrictions on mobility

    What is a K9 ballistic vest used for?

    Police or military canines are protected from ballistic threats by a K9 ballistic vest. These jackets, which are specially made to withstand bullets, enhance dog's performance in a variety of operative settings.

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