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Hard Shell Visors have raised the bar in terms of optical clarity, ballistic performance, and system functionality. Our Visors provide protection from blunt trauma, ballistic threats, and blast shock waves. Pair with Hard Shell Helmets for enhanced protection

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Ballistics Protection Visor for Military Helemts

The Ballistic Visor is coated with polycarbonate and PMMA fixed with TPU interlayer which is specially engineered to provide entire face protection from ballistic threats as well as blunt and fragmentation effects.

Standard  Features:

  • Full face protection from helmet rim to chin area.
  • No air space between layers.
  • Least weight and thickness for same ballistic protection.
  • Can be securely mounted to the helmet with adjustable rear lock.
  • Can be quickly attached and detached to most ballistic helmets.
  • The visor is fully elevated and can be locked into 3 positions, 45 degree.

Protection Level

  • Ballistic Impact : .38 Special at 290m/s
  • Fragmentation : STANAG 2920, V50 = 290 m/s
  • Thickness : 6 mm


What is a Ballistic helmet visor?

Protecting the entire face from ballistic threats and blunt fragmentation is the primary goal of the Demining Visor’s polycarbonate and TPU interlayer.


How much does a ballistic visor weigh?

A standard ballistic visor weighs between 2.2 pounds and 3.8 pounds on average.


What is a ballistic helmet visor made of?

Polycarbonate material is used to make the visor for a ballistic helmet. Ballistic helmet face shields provide a clear line of vision and reliable ballistic protection. The clear polycarbonate visor is adjustable in four positions and offers maximum comfort and visibility.


Is ballistic helmet visor necessary?

Ballistic visors are comprised of thick polycarbonate sheets and provide level IIIA protection. Up to NIJ Level IIIA can stop 44 Magnum calibers. Even though Ballistic Visors can prevent nearly all standard handgun calibers, such as 5.56mm AR rounds and 7.62x39mm AK-47 rounds, they cannot stop rifle bullets.

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