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Hard Shell ballistic shield is a combination of lightweight, mobility and superior protection. It incorporates the latest materials and technology to provide the multi-hit capability. This shield can be used in different tactical operations such as dynamic entry, Hostage situations, domestic situations, routine patrol and casualty evacuation.Nij Tested products Available with bespoke solutions for bulk orders along with 5 year warranty banner.

Download Ballistic Shield Level III Data Sheet

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Personal Bulletproof Shield for Riot Control Personnel


All our products are tested both in the field & in International Laboratories around the World.


LED Lights Mounted on the Bulletproof Shields for easy viewing

Protective skirting

Base Portion (along the wheel area ) to protect against fragments(if required)

Bulletproof Shields handle

Robust handles for easy movability


Detachable Periscope included for 6 Shields

Ballistic Glass Size(Fitted In Six Shields)

Height: 100mm
Width : 200mm

Shield weight

Approximately 13-15 kgs each (for single shield)

Protection against



Shield size

6 Shields of
Height : 750mm
Width: 450mm
To be fitted in a single frame to form a bigger Shield

Frame size

Height:  5 ft 6 Inches (1.676 m)
Width: 3 ft


5 Yrs. Ballistic Warranty

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are ballistic shields made of?

    Ballistic shields are generally made of materials such as high-strength composite fibers, laminated ceramics, and metals. These components are carefully layered and bonded to create a multi-layered structure that can efficiently absorb and release the kinetic energy from approaching projectiles.

    How much do bulletproof ballistic shields weigh?

    The size, design, and materials used to make bulletproof ballistic shields all affect how heavy they are. Hard Shell's bulletproof shields approximately weigh from 5 to 15 kilogrammes each (for a single shield), which ensures both portability and effective protection.

    Can you buy a ballistic shield as a civilian?

    In many countries, civilians can buy ballistic shields provided they follow local laws. Depending on the jurisdiction, there may be regulations and limitations. To ensure compliance with relevant rules, prospective buyers should familiarize themselves with the laws and regulations that apply to the purchase and use of this equipment.

    Is it legal to own a ballistic shield?

    The legality of owning a ballistic shield depends on the rules and regulations in different jurisdictions, which buyers need to adhere to.

    How do ballistic shields work?

    Ballistic shields work by using layered materials intended to absorb and spread the energy of incoming projectiles. The layers of the shield deform and distribute the force when a projectile strikes it, limiting penetration and lowering the bullet's kinetic energy.

    How heavy is a level III ballistic shield?

    A level III ballistic shield typically weighs between 10 to 18 kilogrammes. The dimensions, design, and materials used in the shield are some of the contributing elements to this weight difference. It is crucial to strike a balance between the weight of the shield and the degree of protection it offers in order to maximize operator usefulness.

    Are ballistic shields rated for high-powered rifles?

    Depending on the shield's ballistic rating and the precise level of protection it provides, ballistic shields may be rated to withstand high-powered rifle bullets. Higher caliber shields, like those made for rifles, use specialized materials and manufacturing methods to improve their ability to offer effective defense against these powerful projectiles.

    How many bullets can a ballistic shield take?

    The number of bullets that a ballistic shield can sustain is determined by the materials, design, and bullet caliber. Manufacturers of shields provide details about the shield's endurance and durability.

    What kind of round penetrates ballistic shields?

    Ballistic shields can be penetrated by rounds that exceed their specified ballistic rating. Bullets of very high velocity and energy, armor-piercing rounds, and high-powered rifle ammunition are more likely to penetrate ballistic shields.

    What is the purpose of military ballistic shields?

    Military ballistic shields are designed to provide improved defense against a variety of ballistic threats encountered in combat situations. In order to absorb and dissipate the kinetic energy of bullets, these shields use advanced materials and designs. This reduces the risk of harm and enables safer engagement during tactical operations.

    Can a ballistic shield be worn like a backpack?

    Yes, it is possible to design ballistic shields to be worn like a backpack. Some designs feature harness systems that enable the operator to secure the shield on their back, facilitating rapid deployment and hands-free movement.

    Do ballistic shields expire?

    Due to considerations like exposure to climatic conditions, material deterioration, and evolving ballistic threats, ballistic shields have a limited operational lifespan. Manufacturers advise routine inspection, upkeep, and maybe replacement of the shield after it has served its intended lifespan.

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