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Our ballistic goggles are ANSI-certified and can withstand impacts from small, fast-moving projectiles and fragments. It is a versatile pair of safety glasses that offer comfort with the rugged, heavy-duty construction. It is the perfect eye shield solution in tactical and military operations that offers an amazing universal fit with max comfort and zero pressure points. It prevents fog and also protects eyes from fine dust, pollen, irritants as well as peripheral light.

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Ballistics Safety Goggles For Military

Ballistic Goggles keep your Vision clear during situations where perspiration or temperatures are extreme, without compromising on eye safety. These are easily wearable with/without headgear or helmet. An essential eye saving product for ballistic protection to eyes, in use for military operations, counterinsurgency, de-mining operations & all areas where the human eye is in danger. Our ballistic goggles are designed for superb durability. These are impact-resistant, ANSI-rated, and rugged enough to offer eye protection for Military, Law Enforcement, Fire fighting, Shooting, and Hunting.

Standard  Features:

  • Clarity: 100% distortion-free optical clarity and quality.
  • Colour : Replaceable, Interchangeable Clear / Tint / Smoke Grey / coloured lense, with tight fitting.
  • Radiation Protection : 100% UVA / UVB protection , Anti-reflective, Anti fog, Anti – scratch.
  • Impact: Withstands .22 caliber ballistic impact at 650 ft and shotgun blast fired from 10 meters.
  • Comply to ANSI Z87.1-2003 + and MIL – V 43511C.
  • Material: High impact resistant, fog proof, scratch-resistant polycarbonate.
  • Shape: Curved shape, plain, scratch less.
  • Dual Protection Lenses: Has 2 joined lenses, the outer lens of thickness in options from 2.0 mm to 3.2 mm, the inner lense of thickness options of 0.3 to 0.9 mm.


  • Material: Made from high quality, impact & heat resistant material.
  • Colour : Black / Olive Green / Foliage Green / Dessert Tan / Grey / Cream / any customized colour is possible.
  • Fitting: Frame has soft face foam for comfort & sweat absorption. Snug-fitting covers the eyes, nose & cheekbones
  • to prevent the entry of dust, smoke & particles. Easily worn with Bulletproof helmet/turban/winter cap.
  • Filtration: Has adequate wind filtration parts along the full perimeter, covered with foam to prevent entry
  • of fine sand, dust, etc.
  • Cover: Every Frame is supplied in one black color cloth goggle cover. Rugged Protective Case is also available.

The frame has attached shoulder Strap with following features :

  • a) Quality: 35 to 55 cm length (without stretch) to fit every face. Quick strap elastic adjustment, stretchable.
  • b) Material : High quality polyester of black / green / grey / cream / customized colour.
  • c) Width: Strap width in various options of 35 to 45 mm.
  • d) Thickness: Available in options of 1 to 3 mm.
  • e) Locking: The strap has push-button type opening/locking fitment.
  • f) It can be used in Ambient Temperature from -70 to 80 C.



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Ballistic Goggle ?

    A ballistic goggle is a type of protective eyewear made to protect the wearer's eyes from projectiles and potential impacts. It is frequently used in military, law enforcement, and some athletic activities.

    What are ballistic goggles used for?

    In conditions where there is a chance that high-velocity fragments or flying debris can strike the eyes, ballistic goggles are used to protect the eyes. They are used in a variety of fields, including sports, law enforcement, and military operations.

    What are ballistic glasses made of?

    To ensure their impact resistance, ballistic glasses are made from a combination of advanced materials. Typically, polycarbonate, which has exceptional durability and shatterproof qualities, is used to make the lenses.

    Are ballistic glasses the same as safety glasses?

    Ballistic glasses and safety glasses are not the same. Ballistic glasses are made specifically to withstand high-velocity fragments and impact from hazardous conditions, such as military and law enforcement activities, even though both provide eye protection. On the other hand, safety glasses are intended to provide general industrial or workplace eye protection.

    Can ballistic glasses stop a bullet?

    In most cases, ballistic glasses cannot stop a bullet. Their main function is to protect against projectiles and debris traveling at high speeds. Although they are built to survive impact, they are not meant to withstand the force and velocity of bullets.

    Why are ballistic glasses yellow?

    Yellow lenses are used in ballistic glasses because of their unique optical characteristics. The yellow tint improves contrast and depth perception in low light, and are appropriate for places where visibility is constrained.

    Do bulletproof glasses exist?

    As they are typically known, bulletproof glasses don't exist. Ballistic glasses and other protective eyewear provide effective impact protection but cannot ensure complete bulletproof performance.

    Why do you wear ballistic goggles?

    In circumstances when the possibility of high-velocity projectiles and impact exists, ballistic goggles are worn to give complete eye protection. Ballistic goggles protect the wearer's eyes from potential dangers, increasing safety and lowering the risk of eye injuries.

    Are army prsonnel issued ballistic glasses?

    Yes, ballistic glasses are provided to army personnel. They use it to secure their safety and increase the efficiency of their mission.

    How should ballistic goggles be maintained and cared for?

    In order to guarantee their efficiency and longevity, ballistic goggles should be carefully maintained and cared for. They should be routinely checked for any lens damage or scratches. To prevent abrasions, cleaning should be done using a soft, lint-free cloth. To avoid contamination and preserve their protective properties, they must be stored properly in a case.

    Can prescription lenses be incorporated into ballistic goggles?

    Yes, ballistic goggles can accommodate prescription lenses. As a result, people with vision impairments can take use of both vision correction and efficient eye protection while engaging in a variety of activities, such as military and tactical operations.

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