Ballistic Fragmentation Bomb Blanket


Hard Shell bomb suppression blanket is easy to use the equipment by both unskilled personnel as well as skilled Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) operators for protection against fragments and shrapnel from explosive devices. It is a light-weight, highly protective equipment engineered with multiple- layer ballistic materials and folds up into a compact, easily portable bag. It can be deployed quickly and easily in a variety of threat situations. It is available in custom sizes and V50 protection levels to meet specific requirements. It can be designed or manufactured in virtually any configuration to fit any vehicle, aircraft or building configuration

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Ballistic Bomb Suppression Blanket

A lightweight & portable ballistic and fragmentation resistant blanket, which can be configured in any shape & size and can be easily folded over, or placed on top of any ballistic threat. Our ballistic blanket is used to suppress the blast fragmentation from an explosion that can cause damage and injuries to both person and property.

Bomb Blanket Features

  • Bomb Blanket is available in different sizes as per the costumer’s requirement.
  • The Blast Containment Ring is also made of Ballistic Aramid fabric. (dimensions as per user requirement )
  • The bomb blanket is made with multiple layers of treated aramid fabric.
  • Bomb blanket is sewn into a fire retardant and water repellent cover.
  • Bomb Blanket weight is such that it can be carried by one person.

Bomb Blanket Protection Level

Protection against fragments of

  • V50 – 400m/s
  • V50 – 500m/s
  • V50 – 600m/s
  • V50 – 650m/s

Also Protects against 9mm FMJ, .357 Magnum & .44 Magnum Bullets.

Bomb Blankets are also used for

  • IED/IOD operations
  • Blast suppression in nuclear facilities, high-risk government, and non-government buildings
  • Ballistic-blast protection in vehicle and aircraft interiors and flooring

Options / Accessories

  • Safety Ring
  • Carrier bag


  • 1 m x 1 m
  • 1 m x 1.5 m
  • 1.5 m x 1.5 m
  • 2 m x 2 m
  • 2 m x 4 m( Can be  customized  as per customer’s requirement)
  • It can be customized as frag Shell
Frag Shell is a lightweight device to protect in times of sudden attacks. More than 5 to 6 Peoples can hide to protect themselves while cross-firing and gives Protection against 9mm & .44 Magnum Bullets & Splinters from the blast as per threat level IIIA, NIJ 0101.06.

Frag Shell Features

  • Made of Hardware fabric for rough use.
  • Heavy Duty Webbing & Velcro hoop & loop used as per all International & Indian Standards
  • Foldable Stand made of lightweight & Durable PVC material which helps in easy mobility.
  • Nut, Bolts made of Nylon, which have good properties of durability & do not attack themselves as splinters in time of attacks.
  • Nylon fabric different color handles, for easy recognition.
  • Folded in a bag made of Hardware Fabric with 6 Handles for Easy lifting & mobility.


  • 5 year performance warranty on SAP
  • 1 year performance warranty on Outer Carrier (Subject to usage conditions)


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Black, Red


Small, Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large


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