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Ultra Light Weight Ballistic Helmet


The Hard Shell Ultra light Ballistic Helmet (US Personal armour System Ground Troops) is designed to protect against fragments/shrapnel and other ballistic threats with improved comfort. Helmet is designed to protect against fragments / shrapnel and other ballistic threats with improved comfort. Used by, Special Forces, Police, Military and Swat teams.

Certification & Testing

  • All our products are tested both in the field & in International Laboratories around the World.
  • All Body armour manufactured by Hard Shell is tested strictly to ensure ongoing compliance.
  • Through rigorous field & Laboratory testing we certify that our products offer protection as per standards set by the National Institute of Justice of America.

Testing methods followed by Hard Shell

  • Self satisfactory Independent testing in the field
  • Tested in accordance to NIJ Standards
  • Consumer testing

Ballistic Helmet Features

  • High ballistic performance
  • High Performance Polyethylene Material is Used
  • Unique processing method and perfect fit suspension system.
  • 4 point chin strap harness, with an integrated nape pad.
  • Crown Mesh with cross straps, with cotton chin cup.
  • Excellent
    –       Mechanical Rigidity
    –       Impact Protection
    –       Heat Insulation
  • Resistant to
    –       All weather temperature conditions
    –       Water & Moisture
    –       Flame
  • Compatible with add on devices like CBRN & Communication Devices etc.

Protection Level

NIJ Level – IIIA – 9mm bullet


  • Olive Drab
  • Desert Tan
  • Black
  • U.N blue

Optional Accessories

  • Fragmentation Face Shield
  • Ballistic Face Shield
  • Helmet Cover
  • Helmet Bag
  • Picatinny Rail
  • Picatinny Adaptor
  • NVD Mount


  • Small
  • Regular
  • Large
  • Extra Large


1 Kg – 1.25 Kg ± 5% for different sizes


  • 5 year performance warranty on Ballistic Helmet Shell
    (Subject to usage conditions)