MICH Helmet (Level IIIA)


MICH stands for Modular Integrated Communications Helmet. This helmet is designed as an improved version of the PASGT Helmet is compatible with the advanced communication system. The helmet possesses numerous built-in features with reduced weight and is capable of providing ballistic and fragmentation protection as per requirement.Nij Tested products Available with bespoke solutions for bulk orders along with 5 year warranty banner.

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Modular Integrated Communications Helmet | Mich Combat Defence

MICH stands for Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH). It is a next-generation protective combat helmet made from non-toxic advanced aramid materials like Kevlar. Earlier helmets were heavier and then a need was felt to make lighter, more comfortable close-fitting helmets.  These Kevlar helmets enable easy mounting of many accessories like night vision devices on the front side such as the AN/PVS-14 or AN/PVS-15. The MICH helmets being lighter in weight prevent unnecessary straining on neck and head, even after mounting of the accessories. Provision of easy mounting of accessories bypassed the need of and drilling of holes through Kevlar to affix night vision mounting brackets. The helmet features a higher cut at the back and sides and with no front peak.


  • High ballistic performance
  • High-tenacity ballistic aramid fiber.
  • Unique processing method and perfect fit suspension system.
  • 4 point chin strap harness, with an integrated nape pad.
  • Crown Mesh with cross straps, with cotton chin cup.
  • Excellent
    –       Mechanical Rigidity
    –       Impact Protection
    –       Heat Insulation
  • Resistant to
    –       All-weather temperature conditions
    –       Water & Moisture
    –       Flame
  • Compatible with add on devices like NVD, CBRN & Communication Devices etc

Protection Level

NIJ Level – IIIA 9mm bullets

Optional Accessories

  • Fragmentation Face Shield
  • Ballistic Face Shield
  • Helmet Cover
  • Helmet Bag
  • Picatinny Rail
  • Picatinny Adaptor


1.25 Kg – 1.45 Kg ± 5% for different sizes.


5 year performance warranty on MICH Helmet Shell

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Mich Helmet Made of?

    A MICH Helmet is made of aramid fibres and special thermoplastic resins to ensure excellent ballistic protection and lightweight structure. They also have memory padding to increase their comfort level.

    Do Mich Helmet Stop Bullets?

    Yes, MICH helmets with NIJ IIIA protection can stop the strongest of handgun bullets. Besides this, they also have an excellent impact-absorbing ability. Thus, they will incur minimal impact on the wearer when a bullet hits these helmets. They also protect against any severe impact in case of any blunt force trauma.

    What is the Protection Level for MICH Helmet?

    Made with a great combination of thermoplastic resin and aramid fibres, MICH helmets have NIJ Level IIIA protection. Thus, they provide superior ballistic, fragmentation, and impact protection.

    What is the Weight of MICH Helmet?

    The weight of MICH Helmets may vary depending on their size. On average, a medium-sized MICH helmet weighs around 3lb (1.36 Kg) whereas, an XL-size helmet may be around 3.6 lb (1.63 Kg). However, the weight may slightly vary depending on the manufacturer and the features it has.

    Do Military Still Use MICH Helmets?

    Yes, considering the NIJ protection level and other features, MICH helmets have replaced PASGT helmets in the US army.

    Who uses MICH Helmet?

    The US Military army uses MICH/ACH helmets.

    What is the Lifespan of a MICH Helmet?

    If taken care of properly, a MICH helmet has a lifespan of around 5 years. However, some manufacturers claim to have the lifespan of their MICH helmets of around 5-7 years depending on the care and use.

    What Attachments can a MICH Helmets Used with?

    A MICH helmet can be used with night vision devices and communication headsets. They are also attached with NVG mount, ARC rail system, Velcro, bungees, and bolts.

    Can the MICH helmet be used with a gas mask?

    Yes, MICH helmets can be used with a variety of gas masks and communication devices.

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