Bespoke Services

Customized Armor Solutions

At hard Shell under the guidance of our experts, clients have the opportunity to dictate every fundamental detail of their requirements. The personalized service is dedicated to satisfying the unique sartorial needs of the user. Our bespoke service offers exclusivity and discretion, delivering excellence and tailored solutions to your exact requirements.

Our bespoke service is tailored to meet your specific needs, from choices of fabric to a range of colors and patterns, to customized modular options. Our team will work directly with you to create a specialized body armor solution suited to your necessity.

Size and Fit customisation

We understand that comfort and mobility cannot be compromised when wearing body armor. And we have got you covered at Hard Shell with our size and fit customization options. Regardless of your body shape and size, we have expertise in tailoring your body armor to ensure a snug and comfortable fit that doesn’t restrict movement. You will be assured of optimal mobility and protection with our customized body armor.

Colors Customization

At Hard Shell, you have the option of looking beyond basic colors like black or green for your body armor. Our body armor comes in a variety of color variations to accommodate different operational scenarios. The color options include black, desert camouflage, desert tan, jungle print, urban camouflage, digital olive green, and many more. Personnel can maximize effectiveness by customizing their outfit to meet mission requirements. Our dedication to quality ensures that your body armor maintains its color vibrancy even after repeated use and exposure to external elements.

Bespoke solutions

Personalizing Solutions

Being manufacturer from Yarn to finished products, Hard Shell specialises in undertaking customized orders for custom bulletproof vest and providing bespoke services which involves weaving,  designing and manufacturing quality body armour that tailored specifically to meet individual customer requirements. We believe in taking universal approach to your security and safety , everything is possible to the highest quality and comes with full customer support from our professional in-house team.

Prints Customization

Apart from providing robust protection, body armor is something that you should enjoy wearing. You can do that by choosing from our selection of prints and patterns. Whether you want to blend in with your surroundings or stand out from the crowd, we offer customization options to personalize your bulletproof vest to suit your specific preferences. For use in military or law enforcement, you can go for camouflage patterns. When it comes to corporate security teams or civilian usage, you have more room to experiment with our wide range.

Materials Customization

Hard Shell body armor stands out in quality as we use the best of the materials. We offer customization options for materials for our wide range of body armor. Whether you need lightweight and breathable materials for hot climates or durable and abrasion-resistant materials for rugged environments, we’ve got you covered, ensuring that your vest strikes the right balance of protection and comfort.

Bespoke Body Armor Solutions

Accessories Customization

We also provide the option to customize your body armor with our wide range of accessories to enhance their functionality. From magazine pouches to radio holsters, we offer customization options that allow you to tailor your vest to your specific requirements. Our body armor is designed in a way so that accessories can integrate seamlessly with them, providing convenient storage and easy access to essential gear without adding unnecessary bulk or weight.

Modularity Customization

Our modular customization options allow you to quickly adapt to changing circumstances. You can add or remove additional parts from our body armor with absolute convenience. Whether you need a more streamlined arrangement for daily wear or greater protection for high-risk operations, modularity customization is your way to go.

Why Choose Hard Shell?

At Hard Shell, we believe that tailoring body armor to the specific requirements of the customers is integral to providing customer satisfaction. With our range of customization options, you can rest assured that your body armor will not only provide the protection you need but also the comfort, style, and functionality you desire.

Go ahead and browse through our extensive collection of body armor to learn more about our customization options!