Research Development

Ballistic VestHard Shell was founded to save the lives of those who protect us. We understand the importance of every life fighting for the safety of their country. A soldier’s safety along with their comfort is a concern for the research and development team.

Our Research, Design and Development are based in the United Kingdom, including ex-military professionals from the defence industry, professional chemical engineers with composite manufacturing experience and expert designers. While our ex-military professionals, along with our professional designers concentrate on the comfort, cosmetic and durability aspects of the personal protection products, the engineering team assures that maximum protection has been provided without compromising the integrity of our products.

The strength of Hard Shell is in manufacturing soft armour and hard armour composites. We have always understood the importance of lightweight ballistic solutions for mobility and comfort. Our team has rigorously worked on developing the lightest but most resilient solution for soft and hard armour composites. The Personal Protection section of our Advanced Body Armour range provides detailed technical specifications of lighter solutions for advanced tactical products.

As the Original Equipment Manufacturers Hard Shell specialises in the high quality manufacture of personal ballistic equipment for a wide range of uses with a strong international image as a producer of innovative and integrated body armour.

Hard Shell offers its range of products in different parts of the world where the user can face extreme climactic conditions, and our research and development team ensures the right product has been produced in keeping with the prevailing temperature conditions. The ground support team frequently travel to collect feedback from our end-users, which helps us to develop and adopt improved generations of our products.

Our research and development team contributes regular updates to Hard Shell’s product line by developing many unique additions while developing for some of the words elite special forces, police departments and security agencies around the world.

We always stand by our commitment to providing “The Ultimate Ballistic Protection”. Hard Shell is always looking to obtain the world’s best technology to offer the very best in ballistic protection products.