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Quality Management

Protecting our elite special forces, law enforcement and military personnel is a serious business, therefore our management process are equally serious. Hard Shell's success comes from high standards of quality management, consistency and product integrity.

We maintain strict traceability for each product beginning from design through to development and all the way to manufacture. Each part of a finished product undergoes strict inspection by our quality management team, which follows all recognised ballistics industry standards. Our quality management team checks the ballistic material frequently throughout the manufacturing process, using quantifiable standards and implemented rigorous traceability measures.

All our products are tested both in the field and international laboratories around the world; Hard Shell also holds access to ballistic testing ranges where our products are tested by our research and development team. Hard Shell has also adopted the policy of offering all of our products for user self-satisfactory testing on the ground or in any laboratory in the world.

Wiltshire Ballistic Centre is the only ISO17025 accredited test facility in the UK, WBS is also Ministry Of Defense, United Kingdom certified laboratory. With over 40 years of experience in testing bullet resistant product, weapons and ammunitions...READ MORE
Ordnance Test Solutions Limited


Ordnance Test Solutions Limited (OTS) an independent trials, evaluation, research and analysis service primarily for the international defence industry and government. OTS has licences to conduct trials on UK Defence Training Estates. OTS is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company...READ MORE


The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) is the research, development and evaluation agency of the United States Department of justice. NIJ supports development of voluntary equipment performance standards, as well as conducting compliance testing.
Through rigorous field & laboratory testing, we certify that our products offer protection as per standards set by National Institute of Justice of America. Hard Shell is multinational company having its name listed on NIJ...READ MORE