Level III Body Armor Plates


This Level III hard armour plate is a lightweight HAP, used in conjunction with (ICW) Level III-A soft armour for enhanced protection. This hard armour insert plate is engineered with proven technology providing comfort and protection against ICW LEVEL III. Our hard armor plates are lightweight and used in conjunction with (ICW) soft armour. our level III+ plates are engineered with proven technology providing comfort and protection against ICW LEVEL III. Level III+ ballistic protection can be achieved with our level 3 hard body armor plates are designed to upgrade.Nij Tested products Available with bespoke solutions for bulk orders along with 5 year warranty banner.

Download Level III 1.4Kg ICW Armor Plate Datasheet

Download Level III 2.9Kg ICW Armor Plate Datasheet

Download Level III 1.7Kg Stand Alone Armor Plate Datasheet

Download Level III 3.2 Kg Stand Alone Armor Plate Datasheet

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Level III Hard Body Armor


  • Flat, single – curved and multi-curved configurations.
  • Hard armor plate made of Ceramic tile and Composite material backing
  • Designed to withstand Armour Piercing bullets projectiles (in conjunction with NIJ Level IIIA soft armor Panel )
  • Multi-hit capabilities.
  • Multi curved/Single curved to fit to body contour
  • Containment of spall, debris, and residues after ballistic impact
  • Weather-resistant designed for the harshest conditions
  • Fluid resistant when exposed to diesel fuel, oil, and saltwater
  • High altitude pressure resistance
  • Fungus and Microbial growth resistance
  • Cover with hardwearing PU Coated fabric.


Protection Level


Protection Against

7.62 x 51mm (NATO Ball Round)

7.62×39 AK47 (Mild Steel Core)


  • 10 years performance warranty on hard armor Plate

(Subject to usage conditions)

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    What is Level III body armor?

    Level III body armor is designed to provide improved defense against a range of ballistic threats. Advanced materials that both absorb and disperse impact energy are used to make these body armor. Compared to body armours with lower ratings, this form of armor provides a higher level of defense

    What does Level III body armor protect against?

    Level III body armor provides protection against certain types of ammunition, such as the 7.62 x 51 mm NATO Ball Round and the 7.62 x 39 AK47 Mild Steel Core rounds. These armors are appropriate for military and law enforcement professionals who encounter such threats in the field.

    What are the weight options available for Level III body armor?

    At Hard Shell, Level III body armor plates are available in two categories: In Conjunction With (ICW) armor plates in 1.4 kg and 2.9 kg, and Stand Alone (SA) plates in 1.60 kg and 3.2 kg. Users can customize these weight options to meet their unique operational needs and preferences.

    What is the difference between ICW Level III and SA Level III body armor?

    While using In Conjunction With (ICW) Level III body armor, it is necessary to put extra soft armor beneath the plate for maximum protection. As opposed to this, Stand Alone (SA) Level III body armor offers self-sufficiency by autonomously providing the necessary ballistic resistance without the need for additional soft armor.

    Is Level III body armor better than Level IV body armor?

    Body armor classified as Level III and Level IV have different functions. Level IV's resistance to higher-caliber ammunition allows it to provide stronger protection against ballistic threats. Nonetheless, Level III offers sufficient protection from standard rifle bullets. The preference about the applicability of each type of armor is based on the particular threat profile and operational requirements.

    Is Level III body armor worth it?

    The level of threat assessment and operational requirements of the user determines the suitability of Level III body armor. It is appropriate for a variety of ballistic threats. To ascertain if Level III body armor provides the appropriate degree of protection, it is imperative to assess particular ballistic threats and mission requirements.

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    1.4 Kg ±5%, 1.65 Kg ±5 %, 2.9 Kg ±5%, 3.2 Kg ±5 %

    Models Available

    ICW Plates, Stand Alone Plates


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