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Our tactical rucksack is perfect for a wide range of uses for the various army personals.  It is the ideal solution of carrying luggage for camping, trekking, military deployment, and other outdoor trips that require you to carry a lot of stuff. This backpack is fully adjustable with good space and multiple pockets. Webbing strap on the backpack allows for quick and easy mounting of various MOLLE compatible accessories. It is a nice product of luggage for cadets, law enforcement personnel and military personnel, security units and many more.

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Tactical Military Backpack

Our tactical equipment has been designed conforming to the latest requirements of the modern warrior. Built out of rugged material designed to improve mission efficiency, to enhance survivability and lethality without compromising mobility.


  • Special Operations Airborne Rucksack.
  • 3 INSAS/AK multi magazine pouches
  • Developed specially for the Special Operations Forces, the Rucksack is a ‘tri-access loader’ designed for large loads.
  • Has a unique height adjustment system to fit user’s need double layer ‘S-shaped pads take the weight off the shoulder while a multi layered padded belt holds it comfortably on the hips
  • The internal lightweight aluminum frame has been designed to give maximum comfort and movement
  • Features side pouches and a fully adjustable good with pockets in the lid.
  • Gear adjustment points and straps for compression.
  • The inside bottom consists of a zippered skirt to separate soiled/Wet personal Clothing
  • Constructed of 1000 Denier CORDURA NYLON
  • Available in Sp-Ops Black, Olive Drab and Woodland Camouflage

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    Tactical Backpack – Rucksack 70 LTR  FAQ’s

    What are tactical backpacks used for?

    Tactical backpacks are robust, purpose-built bags made for outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement officials, or the military. They have MOLLE webbing for modification, reinforced stitching, and dedicated sections for arranging equipment. These backpacks perform well in transporting the necessary gear for tactical operations, offering effective storage and rapid access in challenging settings.

    Are tactical backpacks good for everyday use?

    Tactical backpacks are designed for specialized uses, such as military or outdoor pursuits, but they are also useful for daily use. Their comfortable design, long-lasting materials, and functional features make them ideal for everyday use. Though personal tastes may differ, some people might find them heavier than regular day-to-day backpacks.

    What do you put in a tactical backpack?

    A well-packed tactical rucksack contains supplies needed for particular tasks or missions. Common items comprise water, first aid kit, multi-tool, flashlight, communication devices, and energy snacks. Tactical gear, like extra ammunition or specialized tools, depends on the purpose of the mission.

    What material is a tactical backpack made of?

    Tactical backpacks are made of durable materials like polyester or hard-wearing nylon. For challenging settings, these fabrics offer durability, water resistance, and abrasion resistance that are necessary. Zippers and reinforced stitching add to the backpack's overall resilience, making it resistant to wear and tear from tactical use in a variety of settings.

    Can civilians use tactical backpacks?

    Yes, civilians can use tactical backpacks. These specially designed bags have MOLLE webbing for customization, specialized compartments, and sturdy materials for all-around functionality. Despite being made for military or outdoor use, their durability, organizational features, and comfortable design make them ideal for a variety of activities for civilians as well.

    What is the carrying capacity of a tactical backpack?

    Hard Shell's tactical backpack has a 70-liter carrying capacity. It is appropriate for lengthy missions or operations requiring a lot of equipment because of its large volume. The layout guarantees effective arrangement, enabling users to safely and conveniently carry a wide variety of objects.

    Is a tactical backpack heavy?

    A tactical backpack's weight is determined by its features, construction, and materials. The focus is on functionality and durability, keeping weight in line with the intended use of the backpack.

    How to choose the best tactical backpack?

    When choosing the best tactical backpack, there are a few things to keep in mind. Give top priority to long-lasting materials like hard-wearing nylon, determine carrying capacity based on intended use, and analyze elements that provide organization, such as MOLLE webbing. Furthermore, make sure it fits comfortably and take into account specialized pockets to match particular equipment needs that correspond with your planned activities.

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