Tac-Pac ( MRAP with Backpack )


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Tactical Body Armor with Backpack.

A lightweight multi-mission backpack that can be worn as a standalone item or attached to the MRAP Carrier.


  • Designed for Corrections K9 long track missions as well as Search and Rescue Missions
  • Slim lightweight design reduces wearer fatigue
  • Large main compartment holds necessary handler and K9 equipment
  • Integrated hydration system compartment
  • Removable –stow able padded shoulder support system
  • Integrates with MRAP Ballistic Load Bearing Vest

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the purpose of TAC-PAC?

    The TAC-PAC combines a MRAP tactical vest carrier with an attached backpack to provide enhanced protection. With its unique design, the wearer is offered double protection, providing all-around defense against possible threats.

    What can the backpack in TAC-PAC be used for?

    The attached backpack can be used for transporting the necessary gear for tactical operations, offering effective storage and rapid access in challenging settings.

    Can we insert ballistic plates in the backpack of TAC-PAC?

    Yes, ballistic plates can be inserted into the backpack of the TAC-PAC. This feature allows users to enhance their protection by reinforcing both the ballistic vest and the attached backpack. It ensures thorough defense against threats by providing flexibility and adaptability to suit changing security needs.

    Are there color options available for TAC-PAC?

    Yes, a variety of color variations are available for TAC-PAC to accommodate different operational scenarios. At Hard Shell, the color options include black, desert camouflage, desert tan, jungle print, and many more. Personnel can maximize effectiveness by customizing their preference to meet mission requirements.

    Are there size options available for TAC-PAC?

    Yes, TAC-PAC is available in a range of sizes to fit a variety of body shapes. Standard sizing charts let people choose the right fit by using measures like chest, waist, and inseam. During tactical operations, comfort and mobility are enhanced by size customisation.

    Can civilians wear TAC-PAC?

    Yes, civilians can wear TAC-PAC for added personal security. Although it was initially intended for use by law enforcement and the military, its adaptable and useful design makes it appropriate for people who are concerned about their own protection.

    Who uses TAC-PAC?

    Law enforcement and military personnel who need all-around protection generally use TAC-PAC. Though TAC-PAC was originally designed for these professionals, its usefulness extends beyond conventional security positions to include citizens who are concerned about their personal safety.

    Can a TAC-PAC stop bullets without a plate?

    Although a TAC-PAC offers some basic ballistic protection, ballistic plates are recommended for protection from bullets, particularly those with high velocities. Adding plates to TAC-PAC significantly improves its ability to deflect bullets.

    How heavy is a fully loaded TAC-PAC?

    A fully loaded TAC-PAC's weight is determined from the specific gear and items it is carrying. To ensure that users can carry essential equipment while being mobile and protected, the ballistic vest and connected backpack are made to distribute weight equally for comfort.

    How do I maintain and clean a TAC-PAC?

    To clean and maintain a TAC-PAC, simply follow the care instructions that come with it. Generally, this means removing the ballistic plates if needed, giving it a quick spot clean with a damp cloth and letting it air dry. Steer clear of harsh chemicals. Check it frequently for wear and damage.

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