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Our tactical vest is lightweight and much more comfortable. These vests are made from ultra-durable, water-resistant Aramid fabrics. These are uniquely designed to give the wearer an increased range of movement with a lightweight feel and optimal breathability.  This ergonomically designed, single-unit combat vest distributes the weight of tactical and allows greater mobility with maximum load.

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Black Tactical Vest | Combat Gear Vest

Our tactical equipment has been designed conforming to the latest requirements of the modern warrior. Built out of rugged material designed to improve mission efficiency, to enhance survivability and lethality without compromising mobility.


  • Constructed of 1000D CORDURA®
  • 3 INSAS/AK multi magazine pouches
  • 1 general-purpose pouch
  • 2 HE grenade pouches
  • 1 Radio/GPS pouch
  • Large internal map-pocket
  • Heavy-duty YKK® front fully zippered heavy-duty buckles
  • Additional pouches are available for mission specialists.
  • The base jacket is fully adjustable for an individual’s height and girth for a comfortable fit.
  • It can be worn over all existing bullet-resistant/body Armour.

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    What is the purpose of a tactical vest?

    A tactical vest offers a platform for carrying necessary equipment in an organized manner, which improves operational efficiency. It maximises the user's mobility and preparedness in the field by enabling the easy and orderly storage of ammunition, communication devices, and other mission-critical equipment

    Is a tactical vest bulletproof?

    The main purpose of tactical vests is organization and equipment storage. Tactical vests differ in terms of ballistic protection. Some variants include ballistic plates that can deflect bullets from certain firearms. However, the precise design and materials used dictate the degree of protection.

    Can civilians wear tactical vests?

    Yes, civilians can wear tactical vests, but only under strict legal guidelines. It is imperative that citizens follow the law and take into account the limitations and intended use of such equipment.

    Who wears tactical vests?

    Law enforcement officers, members of the armed forces, and certain first responders primarily wear tactical vests. Professionals involved in tactical operations have certain needs, which are met by their design and functionality.

    Is a tactical vest the same as a bulletproof vest?

    A tactical vest and a bulletproof vest have different uses. A tactical vest is made to maximise mobility by carrying gear in a planned way. A bulletproof vest, on the other hand, is made especially to withstand gunfire threats using materials that are resistant to ballistic threats. Functionality is given priority in the former case, and personal safety in the latter.

    What equipment and gear do you carry in your tactical vest?

    A tactical vest's contents are determined by the user's specific role and mission. Ammunition, communication devices, first aid supplies, utility tools, and equipment specialised to a mission are among the items that are commonly carried. These products can be strategically positioned thanks to the design.

    What is a tactical vest made of?

    Tactical vests are generally constructed from durable materials such as Cordura, and aramid fabrics. Certain vests have extra components, such as MOLLE webbing, that make it easier to attach modular pouches and other equipment, increasing its usefulness and adaptability.

    How does a tactical vest work?

    A tactical vest distributes weight strategically and makes it easier to carry necessary equipment in an organized manner, which maximizes operational effectiveness. It enables users to carry tools, ammunition, and communication devices in a way that provides accessibility, mobility, and preparedness. It is generally built with several pockets and connection points.

    Are tactical vests lightweight and easy to handle?

    In order to maximize user mobility, tactical vests are designed to strike a balance between weight and durability. However, depending on the design and intended use of the vest, the precise weight and handling qualities may vary.

    Can tactical vests be customized for specific applications?

    Yes, modular designs are common in tactical vests, enabling customization according to particular applications. Users can customize the vest to meet their own operating requirements by attaching pouches and accessories with the help of MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) webbing. This modularity improves adaptation and versatility in a range of situations.

    How do I maintain and clean a tactical vest?

    You need to adhere to the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and maintaining a tactical vest. You can start by taking off any attachments and wiping it with a moist cloth and a small amount of detergent. Let it dry, and then inspect and swap out any broken parts. Steer clear of harsh cleaners. The best functionality is ensured by routine checks.

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