Individual First Aid Kit


The Individual First Aid Kit allows an individual to tend to people with critical wounds on the battlefield. This kit contains several medical essentials that can increase the survivability of the individual, and these items come packed in a first aid kit built with high-quality hard-wearing fabrics.

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Tactical bag specifications:

  1. Main compartment with wide zip closure
  2. Additional compartment with a wide zip closure
  3. MOLLE slings
  4. Pockets & elastic bands on the inside
  5. Oxford material 800D
  6. Material: Waterproof Nylon and PVC coated on the inside 800 D oxford
  7. Height: 20 cm
  8. Width: 14cm
  9. Depth: 10 cm
  10. Weight: about 350g

Individual First Aid Kit Contains:

  • Israeli bandage, 6“ x 2
  • Hemostatic gauze
  • CAT tourniquet
  • Chest seal
  • Nasopharyngeal tube, size 6 or 7
  • Scissors
  • Pair of nitrile gloves
  • Medical tape
  • Thermal blanket
  • Permanent Marker Pen
  • Sterile bandage

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    Individual First Aid Kit FAQ’s

    What is the purpose of a first aid kit in the military?

    The main function of a first aid kit in the military is providing emergency medical care to wounded soldiers in the field. These kits come with basic medical supplies, which allow for quick injury care and may even save lives in battle scenarios.

    What are the items included in the individual first aid kit?

    Basic medical materials for on-the-spot care are usually included in the individual first aid kit. Some of them include sterile bandage, chest seal, hemostatic gauze, nasopharyngeal tube, scissors, pair of nitrile gloves, and medical tape, among others.

    Can I use my military first aid kit for non-combat injuries?

    Military first aid kits can be used for non-combat injuries even if they are made for conflict situations. The kits include basic medical materials that can be used to treat a range of wounds. For complete care, it is advised to seek expert medical aid, particularly in non-combat scenarios where more specialized resources could be available.

    How often should I check and replenish the first aid kit?

    Examine and restock your first aid kit thoroughly before packing it for any situation. Check the expiration dates on prescription drugs and sterile supplies, and replace any used or expired parts. By performing this regular maintenance, you can be confident that the kit will always be ready to handle emergencies with efficiency.

    How do I clean and disinfect items in the first aid kit?

    For non-disposable items in the first aid kit, use mild soap and water to clean and disinfect them. Use a disinfectant solution that has alcohol to wipe off surfaces. Before reassembling the kit, make sure everything has dried completely.

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