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Our wide range of Tactical uniform is engineered to military specifications. These uniforms are tough enough to take on any tactical mission with a unique combination of functionality and durability.

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New Tactical Uniform for Army & Military

HS Tactical Uniform perfectly combines functionality and durability. With tons of pockets and durable ripstop fabric, tactical shirts and pants inspired the many styles of tactical pants available today. We offer several options for the tactical uniform sewn to military specifications. Designed to hold up on the battlefield, these uniforms are tough enough to take on any tactical operation.

Our tactical uniform can be comfortably worn under other gear such as a tactical vest, field jacket, and body armor.


  • Two chest pockets have fused, snag proof button flaps with bellows and drain holes
  • Two lower pockets are partially bellowed with fused, snag proof button flaps and drain holes
  • Fused collar
  • Felled side seams and sleeves
  • Mesh lining for comfort
  • Pleated back with additional mesh for comfort and ventilation.
  • Trousers are comfortable and provide a high degree of mobility.
  • There are front slit pockets (on thighs) as well as front cargo pockets on both hoses equipped with elastic stripes with dividers.
  • There are two rear pockets with flaps as well as two rear cargo pockets which can be approached in sitting position.
  • Hidden elastic string on the sleeves for height adjustment of the elbow guards.
  • Wide reinforced belt loops accommodate tactical belts.
  • There are also ventilation slots on the armpits and along the inner side of the sleeves.
  • 65% cotton 35% polyester & 35% cotton 65% polyester


  • Washable outer cover


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X Large
  • XX-Large (can be customized as per requirement)

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    Military Uniform FAQ’s

    What is a tactical uniform used for?

    A tactical uniform improves worker functionality and safety and is intended for specific operational conditions. It is made of durable materials, has several pockets for equipment storage, and mostly features camouflage for concealment. The unique requirements of military, law enforcement, or security professionals are met by this specialized clothing.

    What material is tactical uniform made of?

    Most tactical uniforms are made of advanced synthetic materials like polyester, cotton, ripstop nylon, or a blend of fabrics. These fabrics have the capacity to wick away moisture, resist abrasion, and are durable. Stitching with reinforcement improves the structure's strength, while breathable materials help control body temperature.

    Are there color options available for tactical uniforms?

    Yes, a variety of color variations are available for tactical uniforms to accommodate different operational scenarios. At Hard Shell, the color options include black, desert camouflage, desert tan, jungle print, and many more. Personnel can maximize effectiveness by customizing their outfit to meet mission requirements.

    Are there size options available for tactical uniforms?

    Yes, tactical uniforms are available in a range of sizes to fit a variety of body shapes. Standard sizing charts let people choose the right fit by using measures like chest, waist, and inseam. During tactical operations, comfort and mobility are enhanced by size customisation.

    Can civilians wear tactical uniform?

    Civilians also have the option to don tactical outfits. Various manufacturers make civilian versions with the same robust materials and functional designs that are suited for daily usage. Civilians may choose tactical clothing for outdoor activities, practicality, or personal preference.

    Who uses tactical uniforms?

    Professional groups, such as law enforcement agencies, security professionals, and military units, use tactical uniforms. These specialized outfits offer durability, functionality, and adaptability to improve operating effectiveness. Tactical uniforms can also be worn by civilians engaged in outdoor activities or who value practical features during their daily activities.

    What is the difference between cargo pants and tactical pants?

    The main differences are in terms of design and functioning. Tactical trousers are made with reinforced seams, pockets for specific equipment and materials that can resist demanding activities. Cargo trousers are more informal and less suited for demanding operational requirements, even if they still have many pockets. They also lack the tactical enhancements.

    Can civilians wear tactical pants?

    Civilians can choose to wear tactical pants made for daily wear. Those who are not in the military or in law enforcement can wear tactical pants for practicality, personal style, or outdoor activities.

    What are tactical pants used for?

    Tactical pants are mainly used for outdoor and certain professional settings. They have several compartments for equipment, come with reinforced stitching and are made of sturdy materials. These trousers are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement, and the military since they are durable, improve movement, and give quick access to tools.

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    Black, Desert Camouflage, Desert Tan, Digital Desert Camouflage, Jungle Print, Multi Camouflage


    Small, Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large


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