Tactical Carrier – MRAP


The MRAP (Multi-Response Armored Platform) allows the wearer to upgrade their concealed ballistic panels a to fully functional mission specific vest.

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MRAP Tactical Vest Carrier

The MRAP (Multi-Response Armored Platform) allows the wearer to upgrade their concealed ballistic panels to fully functional mission-specific vests.


  • Hard armor plate pockets front and rear
  • Full MOLLE/PALS attachment points front and rear
  • Adjustable internal cummerbund for secure wear
  • Three inches of torso length adjustment
  • Allows the TacPac to be integrated additionally onto the back for additional load options


  • Black
  • Wolf Grey
  • Navy
  • Olive Green
  • Ranger Green
  • Desert Tan
  • U.N. Blue

Camo Patterns

  • Desert Camo
  • Digital Desert Camo
  • Jungle Camo
  • Urban Camo

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    MRAP Vest FAQ’s

    What is the purpose of a MRAP tactical vest carrier?

    For law enforcement and military personnel, a MRAP tactical vest carrier functions as a modular protection system. Its main function is to hold ballistic plates, which improves protection from bullets. Its adaptable design enables personalization with extra pouches and attachments, maximizing the wearer's gear for certain operational demands.

    What is the difference between a MRAP tactical vest carrier and a bulletproof vest?

    The construction and level of protection of a bulletproof vest and a MRAP tactical vest carrier are different. Generally made of soft ballistic panels, a bulletproof vest offers protection from bullets. On the other hand, a MRAP tactical vest carrier is designed to be modular in nature, enabling the insertion of hard ballistic plates to improve resistance against projectiles with high velocities.

    Can a MRAP tactical vest carrier stop bullets without a plate?

    Without ballistic plates, MRAP tactical vest carriers provide only a restricted level of bullet protection. But the main purpose of a MRAP tactical vest carrier is to hold hard ballistic plates, which greatly improve the vest's capacity to successfully deflect high-velocity projectiles.

    How heavy is a fully loaded MRAP tactical vest carrier?

    A fully loaded MRAP tactical vest carrier's weight depends on its components. The type and quantity of plates that it carries, as well as the gear attached, affect the overall load supported by the wearer and determine the specific weight.

    What is a MRAP tactical vest carrier made of?

    Durable fabrics like nylon or polyester are commonly used to make MRAP tactical vest carriers. Breathable mesh is frequently used in the inside parts for comfort. These materials provide a balance between flexibility, durability, and wearer comfort.

    Who wears a MRAP tactical vest carrier?

    Law enforcement and military personnel wear MRAP tactical vest carriers. These carriers are used by tactical units, police officers, and soldiers to improve their ballistic protection. Modular design enables adaptation to satisfy certain operational requirements.

    Are there color options available for MRAP tactical vest carrier?

    Yes, a variety of color variations are available for MRAP tactical vest carrier to accommodate different operational scenarios. At Hard Shell, the color options include black, desert camouflage, desert tan, jungle print, and many more. Personnel can maximize effectiveness by customizing their preference to meet mission requirements.

    Are there size options available for MRAP tactical vest carrier?

    Yes, MRAP tactical vest carrier are available in a range of sizes to fit a variety of body shapes. Standard sizing charts let people choose the right fit by using measures like chest, waist, and inseam. During tactical operations, comfort and mobility are enhanced by size customisation.

    How strong are MRAP tactical vest carriers?

    MRAP tactical vest carriers provide excellent ballistic protection because of their sturdy and durable design. The ballistic plates that are put inside the carrier to provide resistance against bullets are the main source of strength. The carrier's overall strength is enhanced by the outer material's durability.

    Can a MRAP tactical vest carrier stop a knife?

    The primary purpose of MRAP tactical vest carriers, which are made for ballistic protection, is not to stop knives. The outer layers of the vest might provide some resistance, but its main purpose is to protect against ballistic attacks. It is critical to understand that a plate carrier is not meant to be used for knife defense.

    How long do plate carrier vests last?

    Plate carrier vests can last for several years if properly maintained. A few factors that affect longevity are usage frequency, surroundings, and general maintenance.

    How do I maintain and clean a plate carrier vest?

    For best results, a plate carrier vest has to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. It is advised to do routine wear and tear inspections. Clean gently with water and a light detergent. To extend the life of the vest, it is recommended to dry it in an area with good ventilation and to avoid leaving it in the sun for an extended period of time.

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