Tactical vest, tactical body armor, tactical bullet proof vest
Throughout history, people have been protecting themselves from various injuries with different types of possible materials and technologies. In the early days, people used animal skins to protect themselves. As weaponry got advanced, many things got added including wooden and metal shields for their defensive arsenals.


In the 1800s, softer body armor was developed by the Japanese, they used to make the soft armor from silk although the results were quite effective but the cost for same was very high so flak jacket was invented during World War II. It was made with ballistic nylon and used to provide protection from ammunition fragments. Although the Flak jackets were bulky and ineffective against most rifle and pistol fire, but they were widely used, as they provided protection and allowed soldiers to feel secure.

Research and Development

After continuous research and development, In 1960, a new fiber came into the picture which made the Bullet Resistant Vest really Possible and very soon as it was extremely strong and with it, additional waterproofing feature and the layer of fabrics were added which made the vest more durable and wearable. Succeeding the research of fiber, various versions of such Vest got tested by The National Institute of Justice for several years and found that these vests could stop the most common lead bullets: 38 Specials and 22 Long Rifle Bullets.

Modern Body Armour

Body Armour is usually made of Kevlar, Steel, Polyethylene (PE) or Ceramic. Kevlar and PE are used mainly to manufacture soft body armor, whereas steel and ceramic are used to manufacture hard body armor. The biggest benefit of Kevlar is that it’s way lighter and is much harder and stronger than steel. Nowadays the Ballistic vests are made up of multi-layers of highly strong fibers which hold and finally deform a bullet, like in the shape of a mushroom. Because of this act, a large fraction of kinetic energy of the bullet or projectile is spread over the large area of the vest fibers. Some layers may be penetrated but as the bullet deforms, the energy is absorbed by a larger and larger fiber area. Although, a vest stops bullet penetration, but still during this course of action the vest and wearer absorbs the bullet’s impulse to cause blunt force trauma which is numerically expressed in terms of back face signature.

Bullet resistant raw materials

Material like Kevlar, Twaron or Spectra or polyethylene fiber, either laminated or non-laminated can be used to manufacture bullet proof vests. From these fibers, yarns are made out which are later turned to cloth or panel or fabric by weaving machines. Notice that spectra or twaron or polyethylene are never woven rather resin is used for making panels. Finally, these ballistic panels are then sewn together with shells (cover) and other accessories like straps. These vests may be augmented with metal (steel or titanium), ceramic or polyethylene plates that provide extra protection to vital areas.

Importance of Body Armor

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Manufacturer and Suppliers

Hardshell, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, has introduced its Bulletproof vests that exclusively follow NIJ Standards of various threat levels. These vests are bullet, spike, and stab resistant. Side Comfort Straps on our bullet proof vest stretch to allow the wearer to breathe comfortably besides ensuring a proper snug fit. The vest is capable enough to avoid excessive heat buildup on a hot sunny day. Our vest has front and rear pockets that make it easy to either insert or remove rifle plates or strike face as when the need arises. Being cut around the arms, shoulders, and sides, our vests are quite comfortable. The design of the vest is perfect to enable the wearer to make the body movements with ease. In a way, PE and Kevlar have revolutionized the era of body armor. Body armor before the introduction of PE and Kevlar used to be really bulky and highly uncomfortable to wear. Body armor made using Polyethylene is the best on all fronts. It is lighter than Kevlar, and up to 15 times stronger than steel so it’s an ideal choice for Body Armour. PE body armor is manufactured by bonding Unidirectional UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) fibers over a high-density PE sheet. PE body armor plates work in a very unique way and they are relatively expensive compared to other raw materials as the process and materials used to manufacture PE body armor are cost-intensive. Ceramic is used to manufacture Hard Armour Panels only and the plates made from it are much lighter than steel plates and a lot cheaper than PE plates. Taking above aspects into consideration, these materials might seem like the most ideal ones for armor plates, especially in combat situations. However, the major drawback is that they cannot withstand multiple shots. On the other hand, steel is used to make body armor even in today’s date, although sparingly. It is mainly used to make ballistic armor plates. Body armour made from steel is heavy but lower in cost and is mainly used to manufacture helmets, and parts of armored vehicles. The materials explored above, are present in the most common type of body armor manufactured and available in the market. However, it depends on one‘s requirement and budget before they choose any type of body armour. For more information about our products, just log on to https://www.hardshell.ae/, or visit the store located at the Sharjah Airport Free Zone, UAE Our clients have given us a high rating in terms of our service and commitment. They have applauded us for being the manufacturers of the most comfortable vest they have ever seen! We believe in delivering you the world’s best technology, services, and product because we value the life of every person!