Ballistic Vest, Tactical Bulletproof Vest

Military tactical Bulletproof vests are widely used by soldiers, law enforcement and security personnels. A tactical vest is a heavy duty vest which can be worn over regular clothing. It provides both protection to the vital organs of the body besides giving a way to carry gear when on assignment. The vest is equipped with many pockets that can hold several kinds of needful equipments like guns, ammunition, walkie-talkie, mobile phones etc. It helps to carry all sorts of things that the wearer needs to carry while on some assignments.

These tactical vests are designed to be comfortable. These vest being extremely lighter in weight does not cause fatigue in user. On the other hand, even being very less bulkier or lighter in weight, its strength remains intact. This means these tactical vests possess very high strength to weight ratio. Tactical vests are an important part of SWAT assault gear. Cost of life can never be compromised with anything. These vest are more comfortable and have high longevity as compared to other designs available in market. Always ensure while purchasing that the tactical vest must have enough pockets to hold everything. These vests are not specific to military and law enforcement officers, but also they useful for people engaged in fishing, hunting etc.

The Tactical Vest for military were first came in existence in 2006 by the United Sates Marines. This was an enhanced version of the older interceptor body armor. They were only accepted for use after vigorous testing by the Marines. The improved design of the vest was found to have much enhanced level of protection. Although the weight of the vest was bit more than conventional vests, but due to the distribution of the vest weight over the whole body of the wearer, body fatigue reduced significantly. These vest used the same protective plates as the older versions so that there was no safety risk in switching. By 2008 they were popular enough that the Navy also adopted them.

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