How Much Does a Bullet Proof Vest Cost?


Before we initiate the Topic that how much does a Bullet Proof Vest Cost, we will first discuss what is a Bullet Proof Vest?

A ballistic vest or bullet-resistant vest, often termed as the bulletproof vest is a personal protective armor that helps in absorbing the impact or stopping penetration to the body from fired projectiles- and shrapnels, and is worn on the torso area. Over the centuries, different cultures developed different types of body armor for use during combat. The one used in the present time consists of a panel, basically, a vest shaped a sheet of advanced polymers that are composed using many layers of either Spectra Shield, Kevlar, Aramid or some different material.

The price of the Vest is mainly dependent upon the material used for Soft Armour Panel if it’s a Vest made using local raw material it will definitely cost lesser than the one made with quality raw material.

As per various discussion and studies, one should not compromise on the raw material as it’s the matter of Life and Death.

The price of standard Level III-A bulletproof vest will vary depending upon the Outer Shell material, coverage area, Size of the Vest, type and number of the pouches, Optional accessories like Collar, Groin, Bag, etc.

The price will also vary depending upon the Threat Level required, if the protection is required against Level III, Level III+ or Level IV than the Hard Armour Panels will be needed which will be used in Conjunction with Soft Armour Panels and accordingly it will provide the protection and the price will also increase accordingly. Also, the criteria of the price are dependent upon the factor of weight, lower the weight of Plate higher will be the prices and vice versa.

So the conclusion is “Nothing Is More Precious Than Your Life” so one should keep quality, certification, protection area, Threat Level, Testing Criteria in mind while purchasing any Bulletproof Vest or any other Bullet Proof item.

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