Rapid Action Protection Shell Plus Helmet (RAPS)


A lighter helmet with no lip or ear coverage especially designed for SWAT Teams and Special Services to ensure maximum flexibility and comfort. Helmet is designed to protect against fragments / shrapnel and other ballistic threats with improved comfort.Nij Tested products Available with bespoke solutions for bulk orders along with 5 year warranty banner.

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Ballistic Helmet – RAPS (Level IIIA)


  • High cut shell made of a hybrid composite of Carbon, Uni-directional Polyethylene, and Woven Aramid.
  • Raised ear cut allows for integration with communications headsets.
  • Features an Hard Shell 3-Point rhino Shroud for universal capability with most NVG mounts, Accessory
  • Rail Connectors (ARCs) with hook bungees, and external loop.
  • Scalable design allows for compatibility with Hard Shell visors, mandibles, handgun face shields, and ballistic appliques.
  • Available with four suspension/retention options.

Suspension & Retention Options

  • The Hard Shell Liner provides one-piece full coverage impact layer with modular pads, designed for shockwave attenuation. Available in two retention options: Hard Shell Liner with Worm Dial Fitb and, Head-Loc 4-Point Chinstrap which features a quick adjustment in a low profile fitband and Hard Shell Liner with H-Nape, Head Loc 4- Point Chinstrap, a traditional retention system option designed to support heavier NVGs (PVS-15and ANVis-9) worn during rigorous activities.
  • The EPP pads provide a light-weight multi-impact, ventilated liner using comfort foam. Available in two retention options: EPP Pads with Worm Dial Fitband, Head-Loc 4-Point Chinstrap, which features a quick adjustment in a low profile fitband and EPP Pads with OCC-Dial Fitband, Head-Loc 4-Point Chinstrap with replaceable leather front, nape, and side pads that quickly detach to allow convenient donning and doffing of communication headset with internal headbands.

Protection Level


Projectile FPS Minimum
9 mm FMJ RN (V0 at 0° ) 1.450 fps with ( max ) back face deformation of 16.0 mm ( right left and crown ) and 25.4 mm (front and back.)

Coverage and Weight


Head Size Small Medium Large X-Large
Coverage Aera 950 cm2 1020 cm2 1100 cm2 1200 cm2
Shell Weight ( Shell  with Paint and Edge band ) 850 gram 950 gram 1050 gram 1150 gram


Helmet Shell with Suspension / Retention


Suspension / Retention Option Small Medium Large X- Large
Impact Liner with Comfort Pads 1200 gram 1250 gram 1300 gram 1400 gram
  • NOTE – There is Tolerance of +/- 5% on all measurements and Weight.



  • Urban Tan
  • Foliage Green
  • Multi Cam
  • Desert Marpat
  • Black

(can be customized as per requirement)


Optional Accessories


5 year performance warranty on Helmet Shell (Subject to usage conditions)



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a RAPS Helmet?

    Abbreviated for rapid action protection shell plus helmet, RAPS helmets are designed for special teams and SWAT teams to provide greater flexibility and comfort. These helmets are designed with no lip or ear coverage. However, they can protect against sharpens and ballistic threats. They are made of a hybrid composite of carbon, woven Aramid, and uni-directional polyethylene.

    What does RAPS Stands For ?

    RAPS stands for Rapid Action Protection Shell.

    What are the components of a RAPS Helmet?

    A RAPS helmet comprises had shell 3-point rhino shroud and head-loc 4-point chinstrap for quick adjustment along with EEP pads for light-weight multi-impact and a ventilated liner using comfort foam. Besides this, they also have ARC rail connectors with hook bungees and an external loop. They are available with 4 suspension/retention options.

    Is Raps Helmet Bulletproof?

    Yes, the RAPS helmet is bulletproof and is rated for NIJ IIIA level ballistic protection.

    Additional information


    Desert Marpet, Foliage Green, Urban Tan, Black, Multi Camouflage


    Small, Medium, Large, X Large


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