Tactical NVG Shroud


The Hard Shell Rhino NVG Shroud is an integrated System that mounts directly to the front of the helmet thereby providing the user with direct center focused lighting while eliminating the need for auxiliary side-mounted lights reducing weight, encumbrances, snag hazards, and unnecessary additional equipment. it is the lightest, low profile, least obtrusive and cost-effective front shroud solution currently available.

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Lightweight NVG Shroud With 3 Holes


  • High-Quality material, i.e. Aluminum Alloy & Polymers are used.
  • Materials used are high-strength and Impact Resistant
  • High durability and resistant to moisture & chemicals
  • High-endurance shock absorbers
  • Ergonomically Enhanced Shell safeguarding attachment through extending surface area
  • Tether Plug prevents accidental NVG damage from drop/disengagement, yet releases when snagged or deliberate user action
  • Easy to use as it is light in weight


  • Weight – 50 grams


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Tactical NVG Shroud ?

    Tactical NVG shroud is an integrated system for combat helmets. It mounts directly to the front of the helmet while helping the user get center-focused lighting, mount night vision goggles, and other assistive devices.

    What is the weight of this shroud ?

    The HS NVG shroud weighs around 50 grams.

    What Tactical Shroud have 3 holes ?

    Tactical shrouds that are used for 3-hole helmets and small interference mounts such as TATM (Titanium Advanced Tactical Mount) have 3 holes. They can easily be mounted to ballistic and non-ballistic helmet shells.

    Does 3 Holes compromises its Shrouds Functioning ?

    No, 3 holes do not compromise the shroud’s functioning, instead, they have an ergonomically enhanced shape and provide a secure anchor to different accessories which can be mounted on them.

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