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In some professions, the danger is simply a fact of life that must be accepted. Soldiers, security professionals, or even public officials and celebrities can easily become targets of a shooting attack, so they must take all appropriate precautions to minimize the risk of serious injury. One simple way to greatly improve personal protection is to wear a bulletproof vest whenever moving through unsecured areas or performing potential missions. Those garments can provide a critical barrier between the human body and incoming bullets or debris created by an explosion, shielding the most vulnerable body parts from excessive damage and often saving lives.


New Generation of Body Armor

A new generation of body armor has finally found the right balance between practicality and protection. These high-tech products are designed to be light and comfortable without sacrificing anything’s hardiness. They won’t become a burden even if worn for several hours continually, which is particularly valuable for professional applications.

Some models can easily fit underneath street clothing, allowing the person to look completely normal while enjoying a maximum level of ballistic protection at all times. That’s why it’s no surprise that protective vests are more commonly used in a growing number of fields.

With so many different products around, picking the right one for your needs isn’t as easy as you might think. Protective gear isn’t something you can trust from any manufacturer since the consequences of the slightest imperfection on the vest could be fatal. Spotless quality is required for each and every piece, while wear and tear should be minimal even under rough conditions. The selected product also needs to be well suited for the type of duty you have in mind combat troops need much thicker plates than people who are guarding the courthouse, for example.

Body Armor Market Overview

Top manufacturers like Hard Shell constantly work on designing new products that are even more ergonomically shaped and feature ultra-strong stopping power. You can find many models developed with a specific purpose in mind, covering the entire spectrum of possible situations that customers might be facing in everyday practice. There are vests intended for VIP protection and armor made for security officers of both genders, items for winter condition, as well as full tactical vests.

Each product has been meticulously tested before ever reaching the market, ensuring that it can perform in the field without issues of any kind.

It’s always a good idea to think about security aspects of any operation, and equipping key personnel with high-grade body armor is a good place to start. Spending a few minutes to examine Hard Shell product portfolio will help you see your options more clearly and possibly find the most optimal solution.

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