Do you need anybody armour?

Do you think that you need anything to protect yourself? Do you need  Body Armour?

The need for Body Armour can be explained effectively. In recent years World has witnessed a tremendous increase in antisocial activities like terrorist attacks, business or political rivalry etc. This grave situation has made body armour as a basic necessity.

Body armour can prevent unnecessary risk or a life-threatening injury. This is especially a matter of concern for security forces, detectives, correctional forces other associated professionals. Even the workers who work at oil refineries or coal mines may also need to wear body armour at the work site. VIPs or politicians also need to wear body armour to protect themselves against any life-threatening attack.

It’s true that more often we shut our eyes and completely ignore today’s reality and do not pay heed to our responsibility, but body armour has proved to be an only option for ensuring safety.

The United Kingdom’s Health and Safety Laboratory performed a case study ten years back. In this study, a detailed questionnaire was given to over four hundred organisations and then inputs were reviewed. The goal of this study was to understand the need for body armour for a wide range of professionals.

Highlighted Risk Areas:-

* Visiting people in their home or office to enforce laws and regulations, police the system or be the bearer of bad news increases the level of risk and subsequently the need for body armour or stab resistant vests.

* Certain geographical areas or trouble spots are high risk, such as poor or run-down council estates or high crime-level areas.

* Dealing with certain high-risk individuals, such as potentially violent or aggressive members of the public, drug users or dealers.

* Dealing with extremely frustrated and disappointed customers (e.g. customers extremely unhappy with the service your or your partner organisation has provided).

Evicting people from their home.

* Dealing with individuals expressing extreme religious or political views.

* Securing or protecting property, events or people is a professional responsibility that certainly warrants the need for body armour or stab vests.

Enforcing the law.

Many amendments have been done before in rules and regulations associated with health and safety for those people who serve and risk their lives for others. The cost of body armour can never be matched with the cost associated with the severe injuries caused to an employee or the cost associated with the potential Legal action after any incident either being fatal or not fatal. Physical assaults on employees who do not wear body armour create a sense of insecurity among employees and present a bad picture for that employer and his company.

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