Importance of Ballistic Helmets for protection

The brain is one of the most important organs; it is one of the most sensitive to blunt trauma and one of the most body parts likely to be exposed behind the cover!

Helmets are much-needed ballistic protection for every soldier as it protect the most important part of the body in a bad to worst-case situation.

Ballistic helmets are ideal helmets for the modern combat soldier utilizing excellent performance with maximum comfort. Each helmet offers an excellent performance-to-weight ratio by undergoing a unique process technology providing a snug fit with superior easiness of movement.

These helmets are continually tested in independent laboratories to comply with the latest international ballistic and fragmentation standards. It comes with comfortable internal suspension system with quick release and fully adjustable internal harness. The PASGT helmet’s brim, longer back and sides offer more coverage for protection.

These are specially designed with a multi-layer constructions consisting of aramid and ballistic polyethylene.  It provides an added protection to the user from ballistic hazards and fragmentation. The internal harness is formed of foam cushioned headband and a comfortable chinstrap.

Hard Shell expert team continually work on research and developments making this ballistic helmet light weight and durable ideal for police, ground troops, law enforcement officers or special units.


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