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HAP-ICW 3.2 Kg


Hard armour plate is used in conjunction with (ICW) Level III A soft armour panel for enhanced protection against armour piercing rounds. This hard armour insert plate is engineered with proven technology providing comfort and protection against LEVEL IV, 7.62 x 63 mm AP

Certification & Testing

  • All our products are tested both in the field & in International laboratories around the World.
  • All Body Armour manufactured by Hard Shell is tested strictly to ensure ongoing compliance.
  • Through rigorous field & Laboratory testing we certify that our products offer protection as per standards set by the National Institute of Justice of America.

Testing methods followed by Hard Shell

  • Self satisfactory Independent testing in the field
  • ICW  IV Ceramic plate achieves Level IV protection as per NIJ Standard, when used in conjunction with NIJ Level IIIA soft armour.
  • Consumer testing


  • Hard Armour Plate made of Ceramic Tile & Composite material backing.
  • Containment of spall, debris and residues after ballistic impact
  • Designed to withstand Level IV, Armour Piercing bullets projectiles (in Conjunction with NIJ Level III A soft armour Panel)
  • Weather resistant designed for the harshest conditions
  • Fluid resistant when exposed to diesel fuel, oil and salt water
  • High altitude pressure resistance
  • Fungus and Microbial growth resistance
  • Covered with black Nylon Fabric

Protection Against

7.62 x 63 mm AP

Protection Level

NIJ Level IV




3.2 Kg ±5 %


  • Areal Density : 47.55 kg/ square meter
  • Protection Area: 300mm x 250mm x 20mm
  • Material : Hybrid Composite Material


  • 10 years performance warranty on hard armour panel.
    (Subject to usage conditions)

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