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Frag Shell


Frag Shell is a unique wall-like, easily movable structure, developed by us, to be used against light ammunition & splinters from the blast. The frag Shell can be rolled, fitted in a bag and transported comfortably, to the areas of causality. This is a new generation lightweight device to protect in times of sudden attacks. More than 5-6 people can hide to protect themselves while cross-firing.

Certification & testing

All our products are tested both in the field & in International Laboratories around the World.

All Body Armour manufactured by Hard Shell is tested strictly to ensure ongoing compliance.

Through rigorous field & Laboratory testing, we certify that our products offer protection as per standards set by the National Institute of Justice of America.

Testing methods followed by Hard Shell

  • Self satisfactory Independent testing in the field
  • Tested in accordance with NIJ Standards
  • Consumer testing


  • Made of Hardware fabric for rough use.
  • Heavy Duty Webbing & Velcro hoop & loop used as per all International & Indian Standards
  • Foldable Stand made of lightweight & Durable PVC material which helps in easy mobility.
  • Nut, Bolts made of Nylon, which have good properties of durability & do not attack themselves as splinters in time of attacks.
  • Nylon fabric different color handles, for easy recognition.
  • Folded in a bag made of Hardware Fabric with 6 Handles for Easy lifting & mobility.

Protection Level

Protection against 9mm & .44 Magnum Bullets & Splinters from the blast as per threat level IIIA, NIJ 0101.06.


4.5-meter x 1.5 meters (can be customized as per requirement )


80 kgs approx. (for the above-mentioned size)


  • 5-year performance warranty on SAP
  • 1-year performance warranty on Outer Carrier
    (Subject to usage conditions)

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