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A stab proof vest is exclusively designed for Corrections Officers. As it might be seen that due to heavy restrictions imposed over firearms, criminals find stabbing weapons pretty easier to use.  The situation becomes worse if the place is overcrowded. In an overcrowded place, understaffed officers have very high chances of getting injured, if some violence breaks out. Thus, in…

Nij Protection Levels As per Bullets Specification Chart

What is Armour Level Meaning?

As we all know that from many centuries, warriors and soldiers have been looking for better and more feasible methods to protect themselves from oncoming attacks and deadly weapons. With time the heavy, bulky, and rigid materials of the past are replaced with much lighter and more rigid synthetic fibers, sewn together to form ballistic vests worn over clothing or…

Ballistic Combat Helmets

Ballistic Combat Helmets

During the last few years, Hard Shell has become the largest manufacturer of the ballistic helmet in the world. This has been possible thanks to different factors. We are highly committed to the search for the excellence in durability and the most reliable ballistic performance. Our ballistic helmet is used by elite military units, special forces, rangers, patrol officers, tactical SWAT Teams…

Body Armor Manufacturer

HARDSHELL Proudly Presents: A selection of professional body armor products

DUBAI, UAE – Globally renowned supplier of protective equipment HARDSHELL is working hard to keep up with all the new threats that characterize the present time. The company is constantly introducing new products that are capable of withstanding various threat levels. The latest additions to its offering only confirm HARD SHELL expertise and attention to detail, setting new standards for…

Body Armour Manufacturer Hardshell

Be prepared for any eventuality with body armor by Hard Shell

Wearing impenetrable body armor won’t limit your mobility, but it could greatly improve your survivability if things suddenly go wrong. In some professions, the danger is simply a fact of life that must be accepted. Soldiers, security professionals or even public officials and celebrities can easily become targets of a shooting attack, so they must take all appropriate precautions to…