Body Armor Manufacturer

DUBAI, UAE – Globally renowned supplier of protective equipment HARDSHELL is working hard to keep up with all the new threats that characterize the present time. The company is constantly introducing new products that are capable of withstanding various threat levels. The latest additions to its offering only confirm HARD SHELL expertise and attention to detail, setting new standards for reliability, practicality and user comfort.

The collection of body armor products for this year features dozens of professional ballistic vests, with separate models designed for various modes of use. Soldiers, law enforcement agents, and security workers can benefit from robust protective vests that incorporate hard armor plates and come with utility pockets. On the other hand, lighter armor designed to be worn underneath clothes can be extremely valuable for civilians dealing with dangerous situations. There are models suitable for female officers as well and provide well-rounded service to their customers. 

All body armor products made from using quality raw materials and products are extensively tested. They are designed to be light and comfortable without compromising on performance, making them a natural choice for professionals who are in daily need of effective body protection.


Hard Shell is an international company with the facility in UAE. Its design and development division is located in the United Kingdom, while manufacturing and testing units are distributed across Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. The company has modern infrastructure and equipment, as well as sufficient capacities to serve many different markets at the same time.

Hard Shell has global customers from practically every geographic region in the world. The company specializes in military-grade defensive equipment and supplies to police and armed forces, as well as private contractors and individuals. A vast majority of customers collaborate with the company on a long-term basis, leading to the mutual exchange of knowledge about the contemporary security needs. After many of its products proved to be extremely valuable in field use, HARD SHELL now enjoys a reputation as a top-tier provider and provides bespoke services in the global defense industry.

Hard Shell is deeply committed to innovation and invests considerable energy and resources into the development of new, improved products, including ballistic vests, helmets, bomb blankets, demining suits, armored vehicles, and armor plates, as well as high-tech liquid solutions with anti-ballistic properties.

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