Body Armour Manufacturer

When is the question is of safety and personal protection, the bulletproof vests come to play a vital role. So, for the need of ballistic manufacturer arises.

Today, the ballistic manufacturer put forward the ultimate design and type of body armor in keeping in mind the top-class security of the wearer.

With the increasing threat and innovative technique or equipment’s(basically armaments) has been used during war or various paramilitary operations that every time its set new or exceeding standards of protection level required in body armor in saving the individual wearing them in the process.

The aim of the ballistic manufacturer is to produce lightweight vest which is also comfortable to wear and also does not wear them down in their way of executing their operation or tasks assigned to them.

Hard Shell ensures that all the bulletproof vest manufactured under their supervision has to be tested and approved in accordance with NIJ Standards

Hard Shell main production facility is based in UAE where highly skilled professionals have been employed who can ensure the highest quality in a flexible way.

We develop solutions in consideration both the standards in our field and on the special requirement of the buyer.