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In the modern world, security challenges are multiplying and yesterday’s solutions aren’t good enough anymore. Fortunately, forward-thinking defense contractors are answering the call and launching innovative products that provide full protection against a broad spectrum of threats. Hard Shell is one of the manufacturers that are a step ahead of the curve, and this UAE-based company is quickly gaining reputation across the globe. They have unique and highly effective products with uncompromising professionalism reflected in its business policies.

Hard Shell’s Liquid Armor represents the latest step in the evolution of the defense industry as a product that provides ultra-light, solution for various applications for infrastructure and vehicles. This product is the crown jewel of Hard Shell’s portfolio, which also includes ballistic protection products for personal use and armored vehicles. Hard Shell continues to invest in research and development, hoping to create reliable solutions that can live up to expectations of our customers in the law enforcement and military sectors. We at Hard Shell aim to produce high-quality protective equipment to save lives, and work very hard to provide optimum solution based on customer’s requirement.

Learn more about Hard Shell and its range of defense products at http://www.hardshell.ae

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