Personal Body Armour Customized for Any Situation - Personal Body Armour Customized for Any Situation -
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Personal Body Armour Customized for Any Situation

Advanced technology can save many critical situations, and personal security is certainly not an exception. Modern body armor is amazingly effective and companies like Hard Shell are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in this field. The latest generation of bullet-resistant vests is designed to deliver impressive bullet stopping power without adding any excessive weight and thickness, which is extremely required in many professions.

The thinnest of those vests can be discreetly worn under regular clothes and concealed from public view while still staying protected from bullets. They are often used by public officials or business leaders who want to look normal while doing their work and wear body armour without attracting anyone.  Undercover police officers or security officials can also take advantage of this stealth option while in the field.

Of course, soldiers, police, law enforcement officers and others who operate in high-risk own body armour for their specific needs. Military-grade ballistic vests made by Hard Shell are among the best in the market, and come with various utility pockets to help carry weapons and equipment. Specialized tactical vests are available for waterborne operations, desert environment and cold climate.

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