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HARDSHELL Proudly Presents: A selection of professional body armor products

DUBAI, UAE – Globally renowned supplier of protective equipment HARDSHELL is working hard to keep up with all the new threats that characterize the present time. The company is constantly introducing new products that are capable of withstanding various threat levels. The latest additions to its offering only confirm HARDSHELL expertise and attention to detail,… more »

Personal Body Armour Customized for Any Situation

Advanced technology can save many critical situations, and personal security is certainly not an exception. Modern body armor is amazingly effective and companies like Hard Shell are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in this field. The latest generation of bullet-resistant vests is designed to deliver impressive bullet stopping power without adding any excessive weight… more »

Be prepared for any eventuality with body armor by Hard Shell

Wearing impenetrable body armor won’t limit your mobility, but it could greatly improve your survivability if things suddenly go wrong. In some professions, danger is simply a fact of life that must be accepted. Soldiers, security professionals or even public officials and celebrities can easily become targets of a shooting attack, so they must take… more »


Survival iѕ a mаttеr оf рrераrаtiоn. Bу еxраnding your knowledge, learning nеw ѕkillѕ аnd stockpiling imроrtаnt еԛuiрmеnt, you саn еnѕurе kеер yourself and your fаmilу ѕаfе in any situation. Sаfеtу is thе first priority аnd right оf еvеrу human bеing, and fоr thiѕ reason рrоtесtivе clothing iѕ available, that kеерѕ a реrѕоn safe. Humans have… more »


Kevlar is a comprehensive fabric and has been used for manufacturing body armor for decades. Aromatic polyamide fiber is the main material in it that helps in making a more long-lasting sheet that holds continues filament. The body armor should be sturdy and strong enough and must have the capability to protect the wearer from… more »

What is a ballistic Helmet?

As the name suggests a Helmet made using high performance materials technology that has a ballistic performance against NIJ Level III A along with high fragmentation protection level. Ballistic Helmet is important as our head is much more susceptible to blunt trauma than any other part of our body, as any harm will directly lead… more »

Hard Shell– Original Equipment Manufacturers in UAE

Hard Shell employs cutting edge technology for manufacturing at par with international standards. We believe that the closer we get to our customers, based on promises kept, the greater the benefit for all involved . This is how we create value for our customers, and how we build trust , every day. Hard Shell has… more »

Hard Shell : Ballistic Solutions

Hard Shell body armor products proven across the globe, in the most extreme applications, by leading military, police and security forces that benefit from high performance combined with comfort. Based on the different situation, need and strength of soldiers, police, and rescuers we offer tailor made solutions to satisfy the need of customers.  The para… more »

Ballistic Manufacturers in UAE

When is the question is of safety and personal protection, the bullet proof vests come to play vital role. So, far the need of ballistic manufacturer arises. Today, the ballistic manufacturer put forward ultimate design and type of body armor in keeping in mind the top class security of the wearer. With the increasing threat… more »

The Right Types of Ballistic Combat Helmets For You

Protective head gear is meant to offer protection in diverse conflict settings. But, with the war theatre and civilian distress zones undergoing a drastic change, where conflicts  often turn out to be ugly and bloody, the head gear now needs to be able to render superior protection, and also accommodate extra electronic equipment to be… more »

Armored Cars are All Round Protection Packages

Proactive planning for ensuring protection, of personnel and important people, at various levels is an integral part of the comprehensive security framework across the world. Today, we are living in a dangerous age, where many of us, who sometimes hold more important offices and positions, are under a constant threat from man made events of… more »

Bullet Proof Vest Promises Adequate Protection

Bullet Proof  Vest Promises Adequate Protection because it is tested rigorously under strict quality control guidelines. The modern protection concepts entail use of revolutionary components that are light, as well as proven in durability. Ballistic resistant clothing has become an important part of the protective equipment today. It is being used by a wide array… more »

Hard Armour Plates/Ballistic plates : Superior Stopping Power

The hard armour plates are available in a wide range of protection levels, shapes and sizes from single to multi curve ergonomic design. Hard Shell ballistic plates are either made up of UHMWPE or ceramic composites which can be used either as a stand alone or in conjunction with NIJ Level IIIA body armour. The Hard… more »


Bullet resistant vest specifically designed from the layers of tightly- woven fibre to protect the wearer from projectiles fixed from hand guns, shot guns and shrapnel from explosives. The need of bullet resistant vest arises with the launch of weapons, people have been looking ways to protect themselves and avoid injury when going to dangerous… more »

Ballistic combat Helmets, NIJ IIIA

During the last few years , HARD SHELL has become the largest manufacturer of ballistic helmet in the world. This has been possible thanks to different factors. We are highly committed with the search of the excellence in durability and the most reliable ballistic performance. Our ballistic helmet are used by elite military units, special… more »

What Is Body Armour?

Body armour is a type of clothing that is mapped out to protect the wearer against a variety of assaults. They can be designed to cease different types of threats, such as bullets, bomb explosions, knives and needles, or a conjunction of different attacks. There are mainly two types of body armour which are popular… more »

Discreet Armour

Not everyone wishes to be seen wearing Body Armour, which is why UAE-based Hard Shell(Stand 11-B06) developed the Stellar vest for Children. Resembling a book –bag carried on back with a waistcoat-style vest, it is not immediately apparent that the child is wearing protection. The bulletproof vest and backpack is made of lightweight material with… more »

All about Body Armour- Quality that Matters

Body armour is designed to absorb deflect slashing, prevents lashing, absorb bludgeoning and penetrating attacks. It’s meant to provide optimum protection for personnel on the battlefield and security individuals that put their lives at stake. When selecting the appropriate body armour, it is very important to obtain protective gears, which are manufactured using the finest… more »

UAE suppliers seek share of contracts

‘Many assume local products are not of same standard as international ones’ Abu Dhabi: UAE manufacturers of military uniforms and body armour are expecting to close deals with various government entities during Idex as they call on customers to buy locally. Hard Shell, a UAE-based company that produces helmets and bullet-resistant vests, is in “healthy talks… more »

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